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Rough-out Suede PanAm Duffle Bag


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Made for the Long Haul

Good leather takes time. We've perfected the process of transforming discarded hide into beautifully made leather goods using the highest quality craftsmenship, always.

Our Philosophy

Thinkers & Travelers

Functional masterpieces that roll with the punches and withstand anything. The scratches are just sweet reminders of your adventurous (or clumsy?) nature.

Detailed Craftsmanship

Whether from afar or examining it up close, the artisanal devotion shines through in every meticulous stitch.

Materials Matter

Iconic style that’s effortlessly on point is only a result of premium full-grain leather.

Leather Legacy

Made for the season(s) - plural. The unmatched quality guarantee stems from a commitment to quality, comfort and durability.

Thinkers & Travelers
Detailed Craftsmanship
Materials Matter
Leather Legacy

"One must imagine sisyphus happy." -Camus

Crafting the 1969 Military Travel Tote

50 years on. Modern preservation.

Feelin' Grumpy

Give a gift to your feet with our Mr. Grumpy slippers. Great for going outside and yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

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