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Leather Backpacks and Rucksacks Designed For Your Daily Hustle

Leather Backpacks
Take on your daily routine with our leather backpacks and rucksacks. WP Standard caters backpacks and rucksacks to hectic days filled with class. Our collection of colors and styles allows a bag for whatever the schedule of your day requires. Designed with 100% full-grain leather, our backpacks will only look better as you use them. From casual weekend getaways to marathon work weeks, our backpacks make the adventure easy.
Leather Backpack and Rucksack Features
100% full-grain leather materials make our bags durable, breathable, and allows them to only get better with age A plethora of colors, sizes, and styles create a portfolio of backpacks built for wherever the day takes you Brass hardware and copper rivets keep your belongings snug and secure throughout your day Differing strap types and lengths mean we have a bag that best suits your style or body Adjustable straps allow for day to day adjustment of where your backpack or rucksack relies on your weight Add custom monogramming to your leather backpack or rucksack to make it even more uniquely yours Pay upfront or over a few months thanks to our partnership with Affirm
Guaranteed Quality, Now and Later
Should our bag not meet your high standards, we offer free returns on all our products Under our lifetime guarantee, we’ll pay for any defects or repairs to your backpack or rucksack Built with 100% full-grain leather, our backpacks and rucksacks keep their quality from the day they’re made, forever
Curated Full-Grain Leather
100% full-grain leather provides the finest, most durable leather, taken just below the hair of the animal Imperfections and marks gather on your bag over time, creating a worn yet elegant aesthetic Unlike cheaper leather, full-grain leather remains dry, pliable, and breathable throughout its lifetime Find the leather that matches your look with black, dark brown, and light brown options available
A Backpack for Every Occasion
Roll Top Backpacks forgo standard zippers with roll tops and an internal zipped pocket The Midland Backpack uses copper rivets to keep your laptop and accessories taut for your everyday hustle Leather Rucksack Backpacks utilizes a drawstring closure, designed with the military history of rucksacks in mind The Sea Bag rocks a single strap that imitates the stitches of a sail for casual, flexible travel
How to Maintain Your Bag for a Lifetime
Use Chamberlain's Leather Milk every 6 months to flatten unwanted dryness and cracks in your bag’s exterior Clean your backpack or rucksack of lunch stains or coffee spills with Chamberlain's Leather Cleaner Treat your bag with Chamberlain's Healing Balm to remove blemishes and scratches from travel wear and tear Protect your backpack from stormy days and wet cities with Chamberlain's Water Protectant Navigate your next frenzied week with ease. Purchase one of our backpacks or rucksacks to hustle in style today. [Shop Now]