Tote Bags

Market Tote

$238 $199

Market Tote

$238 $199

The Mini Tote

$125 $99

Full-Grain Leather Tote Bags Crafted for Life, Travel, and Beyond

Leather Tote Bags

Get a bag that will travel as well as you do. WP Standard builds leather tote bags for all occasions. For business in Austin, the beach in California, or family time in Vermont, your leather tote bag will grow alongside you. Our bags boast varied sizes for all occasions. We have models that will make trips to the market, work, or even another continent seamless. Fill your tote, place it on your shoulder, and take on the world.

Tote Bag Features

We make all our tote bags with 100% full-grain leather. Full-grain leather gives the highest quality of aging, durability, and style Diverse proportions in our collection mean we have a tote bag for every event Models range from 11’ to 20.875” in width. That’s enough room for everything from the essentials to a full wardrobe Each of our tote bags come in many colors to match your style and your outfit Customize certain bags even further with custom monogramming for up to three initials Flexible payment options including an upfront payment or short-term loans with Affirm

A Lifetime Investment

Free shipping and returns assure immediate satisfaction with the product, or easy reimbursement if we don’t meet your standards We cover all defects and repairs for life. If our product fails you, we’re happy to correct the mistake Our bags are manufactured to last. Through stains, wear, and tear, WP Standard tote bags remain.

100% Full-Grain Leather

100% full-grain leather comes only from the top layer of the hide and includes all-natural grain Natural imperfections and marks mean a unique surface and look for every bag. The more you use your tote bag, the better it looks Made with the strongest fibers of animal hide, full-grain leather is both breathable and durable

Stylistic Variety

Vintage Tote Bags come with an interior drop pocket for added storage, durable nylon thread, and can fit up to a 15” laptop Cargo Tote Bags include interior and exterior pockets for extra storage in a condensed package Zipper Tote Bags take our signature vintage tote bag and add a convenient zipper for storage on the move Market Totes equip brass hardware, short-rolled handles, and a detachable strap for versatile trips to the grocer The Mini Tote carries your essentials in style for quick trips out Leather Travel Totes offers our largest size and a luggage tag for domestic and international travel. 

Leather Care For Your Bag

Condition your bag every 6 months or so to prevent dryness and cracking (we recommend Chamberlain's Leather Milk) Clean your leather of stains and spills with Chamberlain's Leather Cleaner Minimize scratches and blemishes in your leather with Chamberlain's Healing Balm Protect your tote bag from the elements with Chamberlain's Water Protectant Invest in a bag that will last you a lifetime. Purchase a leather tote bag from WP Standard today. Scroll up to continue shopping.