Leather Belts For Men

There are few items in a man’s wardrobe that are as essential to his everyday apparel as the belt. Whether it’s a work belt, dress belt or casual belt, the leather belt is a cornerstone of men’s apparel. Since WP Standard is already an expert in leather goods, belts were a natural choice for our next product. Coincidentally, my good friend, Julian Imrie, had recently returned from a tour through Europe and had come across a surplus of high quality full grain leather and couldn’t resist bringing it home for his own products. As luck would have it, he kindly offered his special horde of European leather to me and it was the perfect product to utilize in our new line of belts. I traveled to Julian’s home in Quogue, NY where we got to work in his barn hand crafting The Officer’s belt in 3 distinct colors, Tan, Natural, and Black. Each belt is 1.5” in width, with hand hammered copper rivets and an antique roller brass buckle.