From Peking to Paris

From Peking to Paris

Feb 12, 2019Ryan Barr

When WP customer Nick Wade emailed me that he was driving a 1940 Ford from Beijing to Paris, I was incredulous. I didn’t know this was possible. It’s possible, and it’s fantastic. The Endurance Rally is based in the UK replicates a race held in 1907 which has run in 2007, ’10, ’13, and ’16. There have been about 100 cars from 1907 onward, mostly prewar, driving from Beijing to Paris via Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc. The journey takes 35 days, 9 of which are spent camping in Mongolia.

Aside from the craziness of this whole endeavor, I’m inspired by Nick’s humility and encouragement for others taking on such a project. Nick: "I guess the message is get off the couch and go do it? It’s amazing what you can achieve with a plan. We spent a lot of time planning and working out which car offered the best chance of success without major expense.

We then spent a total of six weeks over eighteen months getting the car ready – anybody could do that; I’m not a professional mechanic. Steve wouldn't have recognized a spark plug if it fell on him at the beginning of all this. We outsourced the engine rebuild, but we did the rest of the prep (I should probably wait until we finish before admitting that).” Ha!

As of now Nick’s 1940 Ford is in LA awaiting shipment to China - #29 in the rally -(order is based on age and engine size). Wheels roll on 6/1. You can keep up with Nick via his Facebook page. Best of luck, Nick!



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