Sterling Silver Washer Bracelet

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Degs & Sal jewelry is handmade of recycled sterling silver in Italy. Each piece is delicately created by the hands of local artisans.

The Washer Bracelet is handcrafted from oxidized 925 sterling silver washer disks threaded on a fully adjustable durable marine cord. The bracelet features a moveable pulley closure and sterling silver DS brand plaque. 

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Washer disks 6mm, marine cord 1mm



These disks or washer beads are inspired by the Phaistos disk. The Phaistos disk is one of the most famous Greek mysteries of archaeology. It was discovered in Crete and is dated to 1500 BC. When wearing this bracelet, keep in mind that not understanding everything is okay, we still have yet to understand the meaning of Phaistos from 1500 BC. Roll with the punches and keep your head up!


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