Sterling Silver Easy Rider Ring with Turquoise Stone

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Degs & Sal jewelry is handmade of recycled sterling silver in Italy. Each piece is delicately created by the hands of local artisans.

The Easy Rider Ring is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver featuring a turquoise stone and thin line details.  

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Stone width 0.6 inch



The Easy Rider Ring was inspired by the essence of the historic American free-spirited soul. The legend of the American free-spirit was a traveler who was out on the open road, appreciated people, places, and new experiences. The free-spirit is a loving and humble soul who respected nature and culture. 

Turquoise stone meaning is associated with personal protection. Bring Turquoise to the party and always have a wingman that’s got your back. Turquoise healing properties are programmable, which allows you the opportunity to rock at your highest vibration by setting specific healing intentions. A good luck charm for health and abundance, use Turquoise to realign your energy centers, helping clear the path to a higher consciousness.

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