wooden slipper lasts

Mr. Grumpy Lives

Mar 01, 2021Ryan Barr

In 2018 I had my first foray into the footwear space with the Mr. Grumpy leather slipper. The feedback was positive and I was mostly pleased with them. Something was gnawing at me though and after some material delays, I decided to discontinue. I still wear the original prototypes of these, that is until my Golden Retriever, Indy decided to have them for lunch. This sparked a renewed interest in the project. I decided to start from scratch. For those of you longtime readers, you may remember my good friend Julian the boot maker. He’s forgotten more about footwear than I’ll ever know. We are getting started with a new version which I’ll keep you posted on. Step one begins with wooden lasts that will ensure proper fit.

Mr. Grumpy leather slippers

Right now we’re in the process of deliberating toe shape. The details matter. As always, email or dm us on Instagram if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see.

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