Driver in Japan

January in Japan

Jan 16, 2019Ryan Barr

I had this video on the last iteration of our site and decided to re-post. The Japanese dedication to craft and simplicity of design is something I take great inspiration from.

In Phil Knight’s book Shoe Dog (good book for biz owners), he talks about how when he first came to Japan to make some Nike sneakers that on the radio they made announcements of the streets where the cherry trees were blooming.

The widespread cultural appreciation for nature and beauty stuck with me and is something I’d like to see more of in the states.

My co-collaborator on many projects and good friend, Scott Wild shot this video with his wife Leah.

Not only is it a testament to Scott’s dedication to craft, it distills an ethic that of exploration and understanding that I try to integrate into our own brand values. Hope you’re exploring and enjoying whatever journey you are on.

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