Hercules Coin Pendant Necklace

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Degs & Sal jewelry is handmade of recycled sterling silver in Italy. Each piece is delicately created by the hands of local artisans.

The Hercules Coin Pendant Necklace is crafted from an oxidized sterling silver coin set within a 14K gold plated sterling silver frame. The pendant comes on a knife edge chain. Inspired by Hercules and his lion scalp, the coin pendant is embellished with studs and has a gold flat backing with the D&S logo stamp. The coin is soldered inside of the gold studded frame. Logo tag also on clasp with turquoise stone detail. 

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Pendant width 0.9 inch, chain thickness 3.54mm



Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene and was known for his strength and courage. His skill and cunning are legendary, and were revered in ancient Greek culture. Hercules is honored and admired as someone who repeatedly fought against and conquered evil during his lifetime.

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