Top American Solo Traveler Blogs

Top American Solo Traveler Blogs

Mon, Jul 30, 18

What’s holding you back from going on that adventure you yearn for? If you’re looking for a sign to tell you to finally travel the world on your own, this is it.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the setbacks, which is pretty normal. Safety, being on your own, and lacking a means of income while being in new places are understandable concerns.

However, you will find that many of the solo travelers showcased below have the same fears as you do. And though they may have overcome their trials, obstacles, and hindrances a little differently, they nonetheless all pursued their love for traveling on their own.

In fact, here are their blogs, just to help you to be as inspired to travel solo as they are.

A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business is run by Amanda, who was bitten by the travel bug back in 2005. She is obsessed with all things Lord of the Rings, and her love took her on her first big adventure abroad to New Zealand.

And while she has been to fifty countries and six continents, she is not a full-time digital nomad, since she prefers returning to her own home to be greeted by her beloved kitten after each adventure. She has been writing her blog since 2010.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning female travel and lifestyle blog written by Kiersten, who is a native of California. She once held a lucrative career at a prestigious corporate finance company but left to pursue her love of travel, as well as to be more involved in her favorite philanthropic organizations. Her blog contains travel tips, photography, and fashion from all over the world.

Bucket List Journey

Annette is a self-proclaimed “experience collector, blogger, author and restaurant owner” who has been an active blogger since 2009. She and her husband, Peter, travel the world together as they check off new experiences and adventures on their Bucket List Journey. She is also the author of her own book, Bucket List Adventures, which includes “10 incredible journeys to experience before you die.”

Young Adventuress

From aspiring medieval-history professor to professional nomad, Liz has now been chronicling her travels and misadventures in her Young Adventuress blog since 2010. When she’s not traveling, she lives in the idyllic town of Wanaka in New Zealand, where she enjoys drinking coffee, reading, doing conservation work, and generally musing about how to be a better human being.


Adventure-seeker Matt Long is a gen Xer and former “cubicle dweller” who has turned his passion for all things travel into a career. He is dedicated to bringing you the best information about making traveling more fun while experiencing the best things the world has to offer.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin is passionate about helping people experience the adventure of their lifetime by helping them plan their off-the-beaten-path trips. Her blog, Be My Travel Muse, is mainly focused on solo female travel and outdoor adventures such as hiking, scuba diving, hitchhiking, camping, and more.

A Little Adrift

Like many others who have been bitten by the travel bug, Shannon loves traveling the world, and she does so in a responsible fashion. In fact, she has been hailed Traveler of the Year by National Geographic for her contributions to responsible tourism, and you will also love that her site is “proudly ad-free” and unfettered by commercial advertising. She loves to motivate would-be and seasoned travelers alike to expand their horizons by immersing in new cultures.

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate started when Kate quit her job and traveled solo to Southeast Asia. Somewhere along her planned six-month stint, she fell in love with the idea of traveling the world and has since visited seventy-five countries and seven continents. She is determined to break the stigma of fear when it comes to solo female travel.

Travel Freak

Blogger Jeremy is all about seizing life by the lapels, which means looking for adventure in any way that he can find it. His Travel Freak blog showcases his experiences and perspectives, which he hopes will motivate people who are interested in traveling to get out of their house and just do it.

Otts World

For blogger Sherry, being homeless is a key requirement for digital nomads like herself. She turned her back on the NYC corporate world to stay on the road and find new ways to embrace the beauty of living simply.

Her nomadic lifestyle has led her to twenty-three countries and counting, and she loves traveling to places off-the-beaten-path to bring you the most unique travel experiences, adventures and photographs from around the world.

Journey Era

Jackson has been traveling since 2015 and has never spent more than $12 per night on accommodations. His fresh, new take on travel blogging and work on Journey Era are instrumental in making his one of the largest current adventure-travel blogs there are. He loves outdoor adventures and is always seeking new trekking, waterfall-swimming, cliff-diving journeys to experience.

Around the World L

The L stands for Lillie, who is a passionate teacher traveler and has been sharing her travels in Around the World L since 2009. She used to travel only during school breaks but decided to circumnavigate the world out of curiosity.

She is passionate about encouraging other teachers to pursue traveling as a break so that they may not only recuperate, but gain new perspective as well.

Jessie on a Journey

Jessie is a master at offbeat traveling, and her blog, Jessie on a Journey, shows that, even with local encounters, there are a lot of experiences to be had. As a digital nomad, she hopes to “empower and inspire travel-loving women” to face their fears of traveling alone and to go ahead and do it in safe and smart ways.

Traveling Well for Less

If you believe in traveling smarter and are a fan of deals for all things traveling, Debra will show you how to score the best fares, deals, and where to get the best perks. In her Traveling Well for Less blog, she has all the secrets to luxury budget travel since she is a former travel-industry executive and master cruise counselor.

Wheelchair Travel

If you are passionate about something, you always find ways. John, the man behind Wheelchair Travel, did not stop traveling despite his tragic life experiences. As a triple amputee, he wants to show the world that it is possible for the wheelchair-bound to travel, and he has flown over 750,000 miles and visited over thirty countries and territories to prove it.

He is committed to showcasing an online resource for wheelchair accessible travel, and all with one hand, a passport, and a power wheelchair.

Camels and Chocolate

Kristin is a highly-successful journalist who has been blogging at Camels and Chocolate since 2007, and she uses her writing skills to share her love for jet setting and active traveling. When she's not interviewing celebrities such as Taylor Swift, she does freelance influencer campaigns for brands and destinations.

Lee Abbamonte

Lee is the youngest person to visit every country in the world, including the North and South Poles. He is also well-known in the travel industry and frequently appears in major news and media outlets and is a member of some of the most esteemed travel societies. He showcases his knowledge on the hidden gems of every country in his blog, Lee Abbamonte, where he also provides travel tips and photos of his escapades.

SoCal Hiker

Jeff created his blog, SoCal Hiker, with the intention of curating all the best hiking trails in Southern California. His online resources include gear lists, menus, scheduling, permits, and other need-to-knows for those looking to backpack and trek the numerous trails of the region. His guides are aimed at encouraging people of all ages to experience the great outdoors.

Grrrl Traveler

Christine is a YouTuber and female solo travel blogger at Grrrl Traveler, and while her passion for travel may have started on the wrong foot, her worst trip turned out to have a happy ending. She frequently talks about travel survival and how to safely navigate through the world, regardless of experience.

Girl about the Globe

Lisa has travelled the world extensively since the age of twenty-one and has been to more than one hundred countries while mostly traveling solo. She hopes to demystify solo travel through her writing.

Girl about the Globe is a travel blog geared toward responsible traveling and getting the most out of adventures while being socially conscious of the local issues of other countries.

A Lady in London

A Lady in London has won many prestigious travel awards and is not only informative; it showcases some of the most beautiful pictures from around the world. It is run by a Californian expat who has settled in London for work, and she offers travel planning services, blog coaching, and social media workshops on her site.

Travel Shop Girl

Marian is a travel writer who is passionate about seeing as much of the world as possible through her own eyes. She chronicles her experiences in her blog, Travel Shop Girl, and has been traveling since the age of nine. Her writing has also been featured in many other blogs.


Tynan is run by the Life Nomadic, and the two are interchangeable—though Tynan himself wears many hats. Aside from writing about his traveling experiences, he is also a famous pickup artist and co-owner of an island in Nova Scotia. His life is colorful and his adventures outrageous, all of which he writes about in his blog.

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

In 2007, Barbara turned her back on the certainties of life, such as a stable job and a house to call home, to pursue something which truly makes her happy. She has been passionately traveling, writing, and taking photographs ever since and has no plans to stop in the near future.

She publishes her stories, focused on cultural immersion and adventures, in her blog, where she “connects the world through storytelling.”

LL World Tour

In 2006, Lisa threw away her “normal life” to pursue world travel. Her blog, LL World Tour, is about her experiences from traveling to sixty-plus countries and counting. She is a big fan of getting to know different cultures through food and local experience.


Sue’s taste for travel didn’t start until she was once abandoned in Paris on Valentine’s Day. Naturally, she did what any respectable adventuress would do and made the best of a bad situation. Her PhilaTravelGirl blog showcases her travels—luxurious or otherwise—as well as some snippets from her life.

C’est Christine

C’est Christine is a little corner of the internet owned by Christine, a twenty-something journalism graduate who backpacked solo in western Europe before deciding to continue traveling for life. She is based in San Diego with her husband and her pug and has an impressive tradition of spending her birthdays in different countries.

Girl with the Passport

Kelly is an avid budget solo traveler, and the adventures she writes about in Girl with the Passport are proof that you don’t need a lot of money to travel. She is determined to travel the world as much as she can, though not just to cure her wanderlust, but to show other women that solo female travel is not that frightening.

The Sweetest Way

Leah is in love with being a wanderer and has realized her true dream of becoming a professional travel blogger. Her blog, The Sweetest Way, showcases her passion for travel in writing while providing bits of tips and good advice for how others can be travel enthusiasts as well.

Cultural Xplorer

Chanel is an experienced travel blogger who got started when she lived in South Korea and blogged about her former blog, Coco, in Korea. Her new blog, Cultural Xplorer, follows her travels to different destinations around the world. When she’s not blogging about places and experiences, she writes about varied culinary delights.

Travel Photo Discovery

Noel, a freelance writer and photographer based in San Francisco, created Travel Photo Discovery to tell his stories of his travels abroad. He specializes in adventure travel, luxury experiences, and exotic and local cuisines, and in his free time, he writes and enjoys art as a means to relax and express himself.

The Traveling Spud

Katie is a newcomer to solo female traveling and has recently hit her one-year mark. The Traveling Spud is named after her home state of Idaho, a place renowned for its potatoes, where she quit her corporate job to embrace her deep need for travel. She hopes to inspire others to travel with her adventures on her blog.

Beyond Blighty

Arianwen Morris is the blogger behind Beyond Blighty, a website dedicated to solo adventure travel. She lives by the idea that life is fleeting, and adventurous opportunities are something that should not be passed up. She is an accomplished taekwondo black belt, divemaster, wildlife enthusiast, marathon runner, and professional journalist.

Leah Travels

Leah wasn’t always a full-time travel writer. Before her blog, Leah Travels, she spent a decade of her life as a high school English teacher and, after that, became a technical writer. She is an award-winning luxury-travel and food blogger and is also a wine ambassador for a prestigious French brand. When she’s not writing, she enjoys photography, social media, and hosting.

Hey Ciara

Ciara was bitten by the travel bug after a study abroad program in Panama. After graduating college and working a regular job, she decided that normal corporate life was just not for her, and she decided that traveling the world is her passion. Her blog, Hey Ciara, is meant to showcase her journeys.

Just a Colorado Gal

Heather is a former ballet dancer who runs Just a Colorado Gal. She started her blog in 2005 and has since been to twenty-seven countries and counting. While she and her husband have settled in Colorado to provide a stable life for their daughter, they still go for outdoor adventures and travel frequently. She is also a published author.

Barcelona Blonde

Jessica is a dual citizen from both England and California who decided to move to Barcelona after visiting it. Her blog, Barcelona Blonde, is all about her adventures in her favorite city and beyond. She is an accomplished travel writer, and her work, which includes her photos, has been featured in several blogs.

Rachel Travels

Rachel eschewed her seemingly ideal life for the opportunity to travel solo. Her blog, Rachel Travels, is her “open letter” for the people she meets while traveling. She is a proud black American adventurer, and she has made it a mission to change any negative stereotypes of her African American heritage wherever she goes.

Travel Notes and Beyond

Travel Notes and Beyond is dedicated to inspiring, informing, and engaging travelers and would-be travelers alike. The blogger is a passionate photographer and adventurer, and she shares her stories in writing and snaps through her online journal. She is focused on emphasizing the different cultural aspects of the places she visits around the world.

Without Baggage

Hank Leukart is an accomplished filmmaker who has worked for several TV shows and television networks. He says that, while he is passionate about telling stories through film, he is also an adventurer at heart.

He has traveled to over fifty countries, and his wandering philosophy is to truly embrace new experiences without itineraries. He writes about his travels on his blog, Without Baggage.

I Dreamed of This

I Dreamed of This is a blog by Nathan W. Allen, a natural wanderer who caught the travel bug early in life because of his family’s habit of moving around when he was younger. He started writing after a piece he wrote about his travels in the Philippines went viral, and when he’s not traveling, he is also a photographer.

Little Things Travel

Little Things Travel is a collection of stories of appreciating the simple pleasures of life. Marissa Sutera, the blogger behind it, has been well-traveled since childhood, and officially caught the wanderlust virus after studying abroad for the first time by herself. She hasn’t stopped traveling since, and she chronicles her adventures on her site

Angela Travels

Blogger Angela describes herself as someone who has trouble staying in one place. Her blog, Angela Travels, is an ongoing testament for her ongoing outdoor adventures and travel experiences. She lives an active life as an avid hiker, climber, skier, and mountaineer, and she is frequently joined by her husband on her travels.

Caroline in the City

Caroline once went on a trip that changed her life and her outlook, starting her career as a professional storyteller. Her blog, Caroline in the City, showcases her adventures around the world. She prefers slow travel and enjoys taking her time to marvel at the beauty of the places she visits, and her work as a freelance writer has also been featured in several publications.

Solo Travel Girl

Jennifer Huber, the blogger behind Solo Travel Girl, has always reiterated that traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. Her solo travel adventures are meant to empower others to try putting their fears and misgivings aside and to simply do it.

Aside from solo travel, she also writes about her gastronomic adventures, outdoor exploits, and product reviews, and she travels with a dog.

Choosing Figs

Val’s travel story is basically similar to Plath’s hypothetical fig tree. Her blog, aptly named Choosing Figs, is the direct result of her decision to choose the path she wanted and with no more idling while trying to decide what she wanted in life. She quit her job and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and the rest is history.

Minority Nomad

Photographer, philanthropist, and world traveler Erick Prince created Minority Nomad to blog about his journey of becoming the first African American to visit every country in the world. He has now been to ninety-three countries and counting and is highly active on his social media channels as he shows his audience his adventures through the lens of his camera.

The Travel Chica

Blogger Stephanie is a huge advocate of slowing down from the fast pace created by technology and modern living. In her blog, Travel Chica, she shares that she is on a sabbatical, which to her means taking a break to smell the roses while traveling. It is her mission to detach herself from materialism and invest in new experiences from around the world.

Lavi Was Here

Lavi writes in her blog, Lavi Was Here, that she’s not out to fulfill a bucket list but, rather, to cultivate the idea of “getting lost” in new places and cultures. She once held a job in corporate finance in NYC but let it go after she decided that working in an office just wasn’t for her. She shares her experiences and journey through her writing and photography.

Foreign Fresh Fierce

Texas-born blogger Cindy has always loved anything “foreign, fresh, and fierce,” thus the name of her blog. She loves traveling, makeup, and fashion, and she is dedicated to showing her audience that you can have all those things while on a budget. She learned conversational Italian in only six months and met her husband during her travels to Italy.

Boarding Call

Gabby is a native of Northern California who followed her dreams of being a travel blogger after being fed up trying to look up travel info. Her blog, Boarding Call, takes a realistic view of being a travel blogger, and she hopes to share all the info you need for travels of your own.

Andrea on Vacation

Andrea is a thirty-something blogger who started Andrea on Vacation to tell her family and friends about her frequent travels. Her love for adventure travel and exploring has taken her to many places around the world. When she’s not traveling, she works as an audiologist and spends time with friends, reading, and cuddling with her pets in Baltimore.

Wandering Justin

Justin of Wandering Justin feels completely at home with the idea of traveling in his own way. His blog showcases what he does in every country he visits and whether he’s doing his tradition of running a 10K in every country he visits or eating “just about anything.” (Rotten shark meat, anyone?) He’s always out and about enjoying his own kind of adventure.

The Altruistic Traveller

The girl behind Altruistic Traveller got her start as a traveler while still working her corporate job. She has since started her journey as a travel blogger or, more specifically, an altruistic one, since she wants to make a difference in the world. Together, she and a friend were able to raise enough funds to build a classroom for a school in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and she started connecting to the world through child sponsorship with the World Vision organization.

Where in the World Is Kate?

Kate is a fifty-something traveler who pursues her love of seeing more of the world, meeting new people, and learning new things. She has been to fifty countries and counting since she started traveling in 2007, and she tells her travel tales both through her pictures and her writing.

Hollydayz Travel

Queens, New York, native Holly has been traveling since she was in diapers and also has a master’s degree in producing for film and television. She travels not only for pleasure, but also for business. She also covers television projects and sporting events around the world.

Her Hollydayz Travel blog is an outlet for all things creative, including her travels and experiences.

Every World Heritage Site

Alex, the guy behind Every World Heritage Site is on a no-fuss mission to visit all the wonders and every heritage site declared by UNESCO around the world. He has so far visited more than fifty wonders and has seen more than eight hundred heritage sites in different countries.

A Southern Traveler

Jessica, the blogger behind A Southern Traveler, reiterates that, while she travels a lot, she is not a backpacker or a nomad. She works a regular job but still finds time to travel, and she wants to show others that they can do the same. When she’s not traveling, she keeps herself busy with photography, art, and marketing.

Ms Traveling Pants

Heidi Siefkas is the blogger behind Ms Traveling Pants, which she has been running by herself since 2008. While she considers Wisconsin her home, she has also lived in other states in the US, as well as in Spain. Her blog lists travel pictures and videos of places that she has visited.

Swept Away

Jennifer Broome is the girl behind Swept Away and is a “Jane of all trades.” Not only is she a blogger, but she is also a television personality, a travel writer, a videographer, and a photographer. She also loves outdoor adventures and is a food enthusiast, familiar with many kinds of travel, including budget and luxury.

Kyle the Vagabond

It took very little to convince Kyle to live the life of a vagabond. His blog, Kyle the Vagabond, details all the places he’s ever been to or will be going. He has traveled to every US state before so much as graduating high school and continues to pursue his love of travel internationally after going abroad to study in Spain.

I Put My Life on a Shelf

You are never too old to travel, which Jennifer, the author of I Put My Life on a Shelf, is out to prove, having gotten her first taste of international travel at age thirty-nine. Her greatest dream is to travel the world, and she is on a quest to visit as many countries as she can.

Lose the Map

Joanna Kalafatis was born travel-obsessed, though she didn’t take the plunge into becoming a travel blogger until after her first study trip abroad. Her blog, Lose the Map, is meant to encourage people to immerse in the local culture of places, as well as to share the unique gems she finds along the way. She is a huge advocate of traveling locally and connecting with others through food and drink.

Jill Outside

Jill Homer started Jill Outside to chronicle her life after moving to Homer, Alaska, as a way of updating her family and friends. As an ultra-active person, she also writes about her outdoor adventures, breaking cycling records and pushing her endurance to the limit, and she is also a freelance editor and writer in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

She Goes Global

Heather turned her back on the “American dream” and went seeking answers in other countries, armed with only a backpack and a passport. She has traveled to over thirty countries since, and with new experiences came the wisdom of how she can be the best person she can be. She Goes Global is a platform for her stories to empower other women.

Where in the World

K. P. Schwan started Where in the World as a way to let her family know where she was while traveling through Europe in 2013. She has been in love with the idea of traveling since she was young, and she hopes that her blog will show people that they too can travel well while on a budget.

Morry Travels

Morison is a Chinese American blogger who started Morry Travels when he realized in 2017 that a nine-to-five job is not his calling. He is currently in Taiwan and uses his blog to share his perspective as an expat in an Asian country and hopes that his guides and reviews of the country will entice people to visit.

Globe Trekking

Daniel E. Cronk’s passion for the world has been there since the day he was born, but it wasn’t until a teacher recounted stories of her travels that his own interest in travel expanded. His blog, Globe Trekking, showcases how a positive influence can create an impact. He has been to forty-eight different countries, and he writes all about his experiences in his blog.

Oh, the Places We Will Go!

Oh, the Places We Will Go! is run by Texas-based blogger Selena Jones and is a lifestyle and travel blog chronicling her journey through fifty-plus countries. She shares her tales, experiences, and addiction for travel through her writing and photography.

Autumn Aquarius Adventures

Blogger Jamie describes herself as an “adventurer, explorer, and historian,” which are what she wanted to be when she grew up. She created Autumn Aquarius Adventures as a means of pursuing her own passions, and she’s now been to over eleven countries and twenty US states.

J the Travel Authority

Jeanine Barone is a NYC-based journalist, designer, photographer, inventor, entrepreneur, and artist. Her blog, J the Travel Authority, is a written and photographic retelling of her adventures when she travels locally and abroad.

She uses many of her experiences to find solutions to road bumps she has personally encountered. When she’s not busy being a boss woman, she does watercolor painting and leisure writing.

A Wandering Sole

Laura is an experienced travel blogger who has visited multiple countries since 2009. In the last few years, A Wandering Sole has grown to accommodate not just pieces about travel, but also her other passions, including her philanthropic gestures. When she’s not traveling or running her business, she works with refugees as a job coach.

Jackie Travels

Jackie Travels follows the life of Jackie, a travel blogger and writer. She is currently based in Paris for work, where her blog is meant to record her life and adventures. She hopes that it can let people understand that it is possible to travel while holding down a full-time job.

No Madder Where

Indiana native Lindsay Clark has explored twenty-four countries in three continents in only seven months and has also won a prestigious travel internship that allows her to visit many more countries since. She started a humanitarian project based in the highlands of Fiji and is currently writing a book about it.


Dannielle is an England-based travel blogger and writer from New York City. She is now settled down in the country with her boyfriend after many years of travel beginning in 2007. Chicadeedee chronicles the many adventures she has had in other countries, and she also writes about her two cats, food, beauty, fashion, and photography.

Travel Run Live

Travel Run Live is written by Janine, who writes about all the things that interest her. She has been to more than twenty countries, and her various adventurous in those places include skydiving, glacier climbing, and volcano biking. When she’s not looking for her adrenaline fix, she also enjoys cruises.

Me Go

Megan is one of the few people who can claim that they’ve been around the world twice. Her blog, Me Go, details all the planning and budgeting she has done and adventures that she has experienced. She encourages her readers to take a look at her notes for tips and breakdown of costs.

The Roamantics

Lorna MacMillan came from a family of seminomads. As a child, she grew up moving from place to place, which is why traveling the world seems normal for her.

She is also a professional filmmaker and has appeared as a guest in multiple TV and radio shows, and her blog contains her previous travels, along with big plans of traveling to more countries in the future.


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