W+P Short - Time and Space

W+P Short - Time and Space

Tue, Mar 14, 17

With the launch of the Explorer jacket, Scott Wild and I decided to head out to the Oregon coast to do some video. These shoots are always fun as Scott and I have been close friends since we went to college together in Tallahassee, FL. He's done every bit of photography for WP even when his talent outshone my budget. For that I'm grateful.

We picked up Corey at the Portland airport and headed west to Canon beach. I'd never been, but had a vague connection with it from childhood with the movie Goonies. I was so impressed with the area. There was a persistent rain and lush greens all around us. When we arrived the tide was out and aside from a handful of folks, the beach was empty. We caught a sunset and went and grabbed burgers and beers for dinner.

The rain that evening was torrential and I didn't sleep particularly well. I knew we had only one day to shoot video and photos and if it poured all day we'd be out of luck. The rain let up slightly and we headed to the beach to take some photographs at first light. The atmosphere there was amazing and I wished I had more time there to simply enjoy the quiet morning there, however there was work to do. The rain continued throughout the day, but we were lucky enough to have 45 minute intervals of sunshine that worked beautifully with the cloud cover.

We had a great time shooting this and I hope you enjoy the outcome. One piece of work advice: work with people you respect and care about. It makes all the difference. -RB