Explorer Jacket

Introducing The Explorer Jacket

Wed, Mar 01, 17

I've been thinking about Whipping Post a lot and the future of the company. The hope has always been to make things that are useful and provide some value in the long run. The fast fashion industry isn't something that appeals to me. A business model predicated upon people needing to buy more and more from us doesn't seem fun or sustainable. At the same time, I do realize I own a business that needs to make new products in order to serve customer's needs. That's what a business is, I suppose. I'm attempting to walk that line as we grow, delivering good products that offer some great value over long periods.

The first step has been the Explorer jacket. When we began designing this it felt necessary to ask, "would I still get use out of this in 5-10 years?" Working backward from that assumption informed a lot of our decisions. Waxed cotton fabric from the British Millerain company was a no-brainer. It's durable, stands up to all sorts of weather and you can just hose it off if it gets dirty. We decided on a few other features as well - detachable hood, re-inforced elbows, and game pockets in the back. These are great for storing gloves or a beanie. I hope you appreciate this first step into making outerwear and as always, we appreciate your feedback. -RB
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