Women's Leather Travel Bags are Top Choice for Today's Luggage

Although many of us spend a lot of time picking the items we bring with us on vacation, the majority don't put in that much effort regarding the bearer of all of these items: the luggage. And so we often find ourselves loving to travel, but not the act of traveling itself because of cumbersome travel bags.

Whether we travel 10 thousand miles away from home or to a local weekend getaway, women's leather travel bags are necessary. As such, they deserve to be thoughtfully picked and should be practical and correspond to our style.

Thankfully, pieces of luggage have evolved from the antiquated 3-piece and hard-material suitcases to sleek and ergonomic bags, each designed to suit different people. Most are ideal, lightweight, and make packing more efficient.

Regardless of your inclination for packing and traveling as a woman, this list will include at least one or more travel bags that will make your next trip destination a joy to get to.

Let's take a look at five different styles, shall we?

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Women's Travel Tote Bags

Tote bags possess a simple and versatile design that can serve multiple purposes. Initially created to serve as a utility bag, they eventually became a staple of personal style statements thanks to their easily customizable wide sides.

They come in varied designs and a sea of fun colors, suitable for light-packing and weekend getaways. This forever trending elegant and straightforward travel companion complements every style and outfit and comes in various sizes.

But not all tote bags are created equal, so we recommend this one. What we admire most are its durability, and solid bottom, which make for easier packing and a more stable design when the bag is laid on the ground. It’s adjustable, and its accessory straps allow for more convenience since you can alternate between them.

We personally prefer the cross-body look as it allows for a hands-free experience and is more comfortable on our shoulders!

This bag also has interior compartments that allow for compartmentalizing items like skincare, makeup, or electronics that you wouldn’t want to mix with the rest of your stuff.

Women's Leather Overnight Bag

This bag design evolved from carrying papers to becoming a piece of fully functional luggage that can go anywhere and serve any purpose.

Regardless of which modes of transportation you opt for to get to your final destination, this trendy cross-body bag will keep all your important belongings safe and neatly packed while allowing you to rush off into the subway or airport completely hassle and hand-free.

It features solid brassware that promises both durability and solidity, ensuring a solid hold of whatever it is you're packing and carrying. People that travel with a lot of electronics or fragile items will also appreciate the padded compartments that serve as a safe little haven for things prone to scratch or damage. The laptop sleeve can come in real handy, too!

What's not to love about this bag? A handle that makes it easy to pick up, an internal zipper to secure your valuable items, and an adjustable shoulder strap that lets your hands run free.

We love that it's lightweight and has extensive storage to fit all your essentials. Additionally, it's comfortable to carry and serves as a chic accessory.

Canvas Tote Bags for Women

A more efficient alternative to tote bags is a canvas tote bag, perfect for those looking for more space. Like the original bag design it evolved from, it is versatile, durable, and provides plenty of room to fill in with the clothing or items of your choice.

The design we recommend has adjustable straps to maximize your comfort when carrying it on your shoulder and padded handles if you feel like switching it up.

It also has internal and external pockets, allowing extra spaces and more accessibility to items you might want to use on the go. This bag also comes with a D-ring to attach your keys to should you wish it.

Women's Leather Travel Backpack

As its name suggests, this bag has been adopted as the luggage of choice for backpackers. But its versatility has made it suitable for travelers of all kinds. Backpacks are roomy, lightweight, durable, and serve as comfortable carry-ons. Learn how to pack a carry on bag...

What's not to love about the backpack we're recommending? The padded straps make it easy to distribute the weight of the load across your body. And it features a handle to take the weight off your shoulder.

The overall arrangement is obviously meant for people prioritizing comfort, but style and efficiency don't suffer in this design. The backpack has external pockets to store items for easy retrieval and looks sleek and elegant.

This one is as versatile as they get; you can use it for an arduous train journey, a leisurely flight, or a suffocating bus trip.

It's chic and functional and can complete your look whether you're wearing a dress, jeans, or sporting formal attire.


Have a read through our guide for choosing leather bags. There's plenty of useful information including reasons why leather is so popular, how to clean your leather bags, and why our selection is top quality workmanship.


Leather Weekender Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are a staple for many travelers - especially those that tend to be more on the go and prefer not to carry any fragile items. This type of luggage is durable and offers plenty of room to organize your essential items regardless of the duration of your trip.

The duffle bag is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to be placed and stored in various vehicles: from overhead bins and car trunks to bus luggage compartments. It will meet you at your destination safe and sound without any wear or tear. It's definitely one of the more modern preferred choices of leather travel bags for women.

Perfect for a weekend getaway, it's sleek and fashionable, and you can sling it over your shoulder to give off a more laid-back look. The one we recommend comes in lovely colors to match anyone's aesthetics and can effortlessly complement casual and formal outfits.

Concluding Thoughts for Popular Types of Women's Leather Travel Bags

We're obsessed with these practical, functional, and elegant travel bags. That's because they make trip preparation a breeze and remove the stress and hassle of transporting bulky luggage.


Women's leather travel bags are comfortable and feature compartments for easy and well-organized packing. They look good, are lightweight, and are easily accessible and storable.


We love how they encourage a minimalist journey while allowing room for miscellaneous and extra items. They enable travelers to maneuver crowds and narrow spaces easily, often hands-free, and without the necessity of asking passersbys for more room to navigate.


They're also durable, don't take up much space, and come in designs and colors that can match any of your aesthetics and preferences.

Must Haves for Women

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