7 Reasons Why You'll Love A Leather Wine Tote As Much As We Love Ours

If you're the friend who always shows up with a bottle of wine for parties, movie nights, or picnics, then investing in a wine tote may be something you should consider. While there are many types of wine totes, a well-made leather tote is aesthetically pleasing and offers protection for your precious cargo.

The size of reusable leather wine totes ranges from space for one bottle up to six or more, but ideally, a wine tote that carries two bottles is both easy to handle and won't become too heavy with excessive volume.

Our Wine Tote ~ We Love Our Design

There are many different styles when it comes to leather wine totes, so finding one that fits your lifestyle and needs should be no problem.

But, we are partial to our own design!

We like our leather wine tote because it was designed after the vintage wire milk carriers. This style is visually appealing, as you can see the bottles through the slats. And it is just the right size for your wine transporting needs.

Lastly, it comes with a corkscrew pouch which is always handy to remind you to take it with you, or simply leave the corkscrew in the pouch so you always have it.

If you want to read about how we made it, continue here.

Let's review seven excellent reasons to invest in a leather wine tote for two bottles.

1. Leather Wine Totes are Protective

Since wine bottles are made of glass, there is always a chance of shattering a bottle if it comes into contact with a hard surface.

Unfortunately, some wine bags are pretty flimsy and may not protect the bottle of wine if the bag accidentally slips from your hand. Likewise, they are often made from paper and the bottles can push out the bottom of the bag. Either way, they are not safe ways to transport glass.

A leather wine tote, on the other hand, has thick walls and is often padded with a thin protective layer, making the chances of breakage slimmer in the event of an accident.

If you are packing up the car for a trip and bringing along a couple of bottles or returning after a day of wine tasting, ensure that your valuable purchases are protected.

Placing bottles of wine inside a sturdy leather tote for two bottles will guarantee that the wine survives the car ride.

This way, you can enjoy a glass when you arrive at your destination without worrying about whether or not the bottle may become damaged or break all over your car during transit.

2. Leather Wine Totes are Aesthetically Pleasing

Arrive in style with a beautiful high-quality leather wine tote for your next B.Y.O. outing.

Sure, showing up to a soirée with wine is always welcome, and you seldom will be judged for coming with the bag from the store where you purchased the wine.

However, if you want to fancy it up, consider using a leather wine tote to carry a red and a white bottle.

Not only does the tote look classy and chic to complement your outfit, but it is pretty neutral and won't stand out like a wrapping paper wine bag.

Carrying a leather wine tote is no more difficult than carrying your purse, but it is masculine enough for a man to bring to a party, too.

3. Leather Wine Totes Have Natural Insulation

If you are primarily a white wine drinker, using a leather wine tote will work well to transport and insulate your wine for short periods. Leather works as a natural insulator, keeping you warm in the winter.

But did you know that leather can also have the same effect on cold things? Leather combined with a light layer of protective material will help insulate your cold bottle of wine during a quick trip.

4. Leather Wine Totes are Easy to Store

Lots of wine totes on the market are bulky and take up a lot of space when you're not using them. If you are tight on storage space or just don't like to have a lot of things taking up room in your home, a leather wine tote for two bottles is a perfect solution.

Since the material is minimal, a leather wine tote folds easily for storage.

If you are worried that a wine tote for two bottles may not be sufficient for your needs, purchasing a second wine bottle tote may be necessary.

Not only is having a backup wine tote a good idea for bringing along more bottles, but it also means that you won't be carrying one heavy bag but instead have the weight distributed evenly among two separate carriers.

5. Leather Wine Totes Are Perfect for Restaurant Meals

Some restaurants allow clients to bring their own bottle of wine to enjoy with their meal.

Often, these are more expensive establishments, and you might not want to look less refined by arriving with a paper bag. Instead, your leather wine tote will be the envy of the other customers.

If you frequently dine out, a wine bottle tote will be a perfect investment. Or better yet, when someone asks you what you want for Father's Day or Mother's Day, just tell them a leather wine tote!

6. Leather Wine Totes Make Great Gifts

Wondering what to get for the wine connoisseur in your life? Look no further than a beautifully made leather wine tote.

Not only is this a practical gift, but it is beautiful and high quality, lasting the recipient for many years to come.

A leather wine tote is a classy gift that will be appreciated by a friend or family member that loves to buy wine and bring it to parties and picnics.

While there are many different reusable wine totes on the market, a leather wine tote is the most superior option for a gift.

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, gift exchange, or wedding present, a leather wine tote with two compartments is the perfect solution for the wine drinker in your life.

7. Leather Wine Totes are Multipurpose

If you prefer a nice bottle of bourbon, rum, or vodka instead of wine, a leather wine tote will also serve as an ideal transportation mode. Since a typical liquor bottle size is also 750 ml, the same as a bottle of wine, it will fit perfectly in one or both of the compartments in a leather wine tote.

In addition to using a leather wine tote to carry liquor instead of wine, you can easily fit one bottle of wine and a few disposable cups for a picnic in the other compartment.

You could place a wine key, napkins, or even a cooler pack in the second compartment to help keep a single bottle of white wine cold for a more extended trip.

Take your leather wine tote to the farmer's market to carry fragile jars of jams, honey, or a bottle of milk or cider.

The possibilities are endless for this versatile and stylish type of wine tote.


You might not think about a leather wine tote when buying someone else a gift or even when someone asks you what you want for a special occasion.

It's kind of funny, really, considering how useful and handy they are. They make very nice presents but are the type of item that is not readily thought about.

So the next time you fumble with paper bags, and wonder if there is a better way to transport your lovely wine bottles, think about a tote, instead.

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