Preparedness is the Key to Your Destination Wedding Packing List ~ Helpful Hints and Product Tips

A lot of people assume a destination wedding is one where everyone packs their summer outfits and heads off to a Caribbean beach or some other hot spot around the globe.

The truth is the destination can be any location where the couple do not live. They may travel to their hometown, regardless of how far away, or they may choose another city for a completely different reason. The environment may be cold, hot, warm, cool, rainy, icy, and anything else Mother Nature dishes out wherever they choose to make their celebrations.

Regardless of location, and whatever the reason for traveling for a wedding, there is one set of notes that you want to review quite closely before embarking on your trip.

In fact, the most important checklist is the destination wedding packing list. It will include the absolute essentials that the couple, their bridesmaids and groomsmen, and even their family members, will need for a safe and comfortable journey.

We've got five suggestions for you to make your trip much more enjoyable and less exhausting.

1. Passport and Passport Holder

Of course, you won't need a passport if you are staying in your own country, but if you travel elsewhere, that is one of the first things you want to think about when you decide your wedding destination.

While it used to be a lot faster to get a passport, recent events reveal that you could be waiting some time. Even expedited service is not that fast anymore. Regardless of how long the passport office says is required, don't leave things until the last minute.

Get your photos taken, your documents prepared, and submit your application, so that once you have the passport, you won't have to worry about it anymore.

Take that one step further and be sure to buy a proper US passport cover. This will keep your document nice and clean, plus when you arrive at immigration in whatever country, you can find your passport in your bag right away.

2. Travel and Marriage Documents Tote

For some countries, you will need a Visa, too. You might also be required to show medical information such as vaccines you have received and the date you received them.

Further, some destinations not only stamp your passport, but they also give you travel documents to carry while you are in the country. Often, these documents are stamped with the date that you are required to leave the country. And when you turn them in, you usually have to pay a departure tax.

Finally, you will most likely require other documents that relate to the wedding specifically, such as your birth certificates, the license, and information about blood work.

Boarding passes are also pretty important and can be kept together with this batch of items.

Finally, on your return trip, you will undoubtedly have more documents to safeguard, such as your coveted Marriage Certificate.

Whatever you are required to carry, you want to stay organized so that when specific paperwork is requested, you have it at your fingertips.

A smaller tote bag will be indispensable for carrying all these important items, and keeping them in good condition. If it makes it easier, use file folders to separate everything.

With an organized bag, passing immigration will be a breeze!

3. Mishaps and Carry On Bag

Unlucky events are going to happen. It is not necessarily a negative spin on things, but unfortunately, a reality in today's world. But, they don't have to be traumatic if you prepare in advance.

Indeed, one of the worst things that can happen is your luggage going astray.

You need to take preventative measures so that things do not seem so glum. But more importantly, so you have a change of clothes, and access to your personal items.

An overnight bag or carry on is the perfect solution. Despite its smaller size, a duffle bag or messenger bag can pack a lot so that you are not left completely without. Plus, any necessities, such as medications, will be with you all the time.

If you are carrying a tote bag for your documents, it can double as your purse, and then you still are allowed the overnight bag that you can store in the overhead compartment of the plane.

But even if you are taking a boat, train or other form of public transportation, it is always a good idea to keep your precious belongings close to you, and in your own possession.

4. Payment Wallet or Pouch

If you've never really travelled much before, you may not realize that you always need small cash for out-of-pocket expenses.

Even with today's technology in paying for goods and services electronically, cash is a good thing to have with you. Believe it or not, it will seem like you always need some for the taxi trip and tip, the porter's tip, the bell hop's tip, quick snacks, a bottle of water, and other sundries that you only find out about when they happen.

Sometimes, keeping a separate wallet for this purpose is a good idea. You can make sure you have smaller denomination bills plus coins.

But something that may be even more convenient is a pouch bag. It will carry more coins and you can choose whatever size that makes the most sense for your needs.

Likewise, a small key pouch might be handy to conveniently store your car and house keys while you are away.

All of these pouches, however many you need, can be kept in your tote bag with your important documents, all ready to be used or shown when required.

Another tip about pouches or utility bags is that they are ideal for make-up, small gadgets, contact lenses cleaning accessories, the wedding rings, other jewelry, nail polish, hair clips, medications, first aid items, and anything else you want to keep separate from a large bag so the items are easily accessible, and don't get lost.

5. Gifts for Family Members, Groomsmen, and Bridesmaids

They are many people associated with the wedding planning process culminating in the actual day of the marriage ceremony and reception. Of course, the bride and groom would like to acknowledge these special individuals with a gift.

And, while the presents may be given in advance, in public or private, they do not have to be given on the exact wedding day. There is no formal requirement for this action.

Often, in the past, gifts were items that could be used as part of the wedding attire such as jewelry. But nowadays, different kinds of gifts may be chosen that better reflect the recipient's personality, and may be more practical, as well.

In the case of a destination wedding, sometimes, it doesn't make sense to transport the presents all the way to the wedding location, and then have the recipients carry them back home again when the celebrations are over.

There could be customs' implications such as duty and taxes, plus, there will be the added weight of the items, and more storage required.

Furthermore, the gifts may be something that you chose because you wanted the persons to be able to use them for traveling to the destination and home again.

An excellent example is some form of travel bag. This should be given well in advance of the travel date so that the recipients know they already have it to pack for the trip.

Concluding Thoughts on Using A Destination Wedding Packing List

Without doubt, there is a lot of planning and thought that goes into a wedding. But, when you have to travel to the destination, little things have the potential to get forgotten, and ultimately lost.

And, while you should be creating checklists for many aspects of the wedding to make the process more organized and easier on your nerves, you are definitely going to want to make yourself a wedding packing list.

This list will include the items that are top priority for your day. It will also consist of the required documentation that you can't “run home in a jiffy to grab” when you are thousands of miles away.

With these five helpful hints and product suggestions to solve minor problems, your travel days should be simpler and smoother, thus, preventing the bigger issues.

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