9 Most Useful and Modern Traveling Bags for Trendsetting Ladies and Men

Packing for a trip can be the most tedious part of the experience. You want to plan for everything you'll need, but you only have so much room to pack it all.

Therefore, this guide will discuss nine of the most useful and trendy traveling bags for packing whatever you need.

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1. Compression Bags for Traveling

If your trip is longer than a few days, you'll need to pack a lot, so you'll want to maximize the space in your suitcase. In this case, compression bags are your friend!

These bags either roll up tightly or vacuum-seal and help you fit a lot more in a single suitcase.

Before you purchase, though, consider where you will stay during your trip. Vacuum-sealed compression bags remove air and compression better, but if you don't have access to a vacuum at your destination, you will have a dilemma when you pack to head home.

Instead, opt for roll-up ones that remove the air as you roll up the bag. These bags might not compress things as tightly as the vacuum-sealed ones but they don't require access to special equipment.


2. Best Traveling Bags for Men

If you are just looking to throw a change of clothes into a bag for an overnight stay, have a look at the full grain leather messenger bag.
It might be perfect for your needs!


A good-quality duffle bag works best for most men to use for weekend trips or quick jaunts.

These bags easily fit in the car trunk and hold enough for a few days. The bag should have a larger main compartment and several smaller ones that are easily accessible from the outside.

Look for substantial materials like leather, nylon or heavy canvas, so it will be durable and not rip easily.

If your trip is on the longer side or if you are traveling by air, opt for simple and sleek luggage.

For these types of trips, duffle bags do not make the best option. They might not survive the wear and tear of airport luggage handlers, and your clothing could be a wrinkly mess when you get to your destination.

Instead, choose a lightweight hardshell suitcase with a low profile. You'll want a few easy-access front pockets and strong zippers and locks to ensure it stays closed and secure when checked for your flight.

For all your personal items, you could get away with putting all your toiletries and medications in separate smaller utility pouches, then put them all in a handy roll top leather backback, complete with your wallet, keys, and travel documents.

This way everything will be with you and you won't have to worry about losing anything. The roll top makes it perfect for carrying different sizes of items and loads.


3. Best Traveling Duffle Bags


As we mentioned, duffle bags are perfect for short-weekend getaways or other quick trips. They come in different styles and sizes and have varying features as well.

If you plan to take it with you through airports, you'll want to purchase an option with wheels to make it easier to navigate through the terminal.

Additionally, if it has external pockets, you can quickly reach your phone, headphones, water bottle, or a quick snack without opening the main compartment - that makes an added benefit, for sure!

If you're an adventure traveler, look for one made out of durable and waterproof or water-resistant materials. The bag itself must also be lightweight when empty.

You might even opt for one that you can carry as both a duffle bag and a backpack, so you'll be ready for whatever adventure awaits.

For a weekender bag, an option made of canvas or polyester should suit your needs just fine.

A roomy main compartment is essential, but you'll also want a lot of smaller compartments as well.

Some duffle bags even come with a separate shoe storage compartment. If you are traveling by airplane or train, one that attaches to your rolling suitcase will help you navigate the terminal or airport more quickly.

With any option, good sturdy zippers are vital, as you won't want to have to deal with the hassle of a broken zipper during your trip, causing your contents to spill out.


4. Traveling Bags for Ladies


Although women tend to lean towards bags that look great on the outside, this selection process is not always the best. It would help if you also made sure that the bag you choose for traveling is a high-quality bag that is comfortable to carry.

If you're traveling with valuables like jewelry or expensive shoes, you'll definitely want a hard suitcase for the added protection of what's inside.

Women should look for lightweight bags made of materials like polycarbonate or aluminum. That way, you won't grow tired as quickly as you roll it through the airport and can better lift it into airplane overhead compartments.

Consider your purse, as well, when you travel, and swap out your standard bag for an anti-theft option. These bags have slash-proof handles (to prevent theft off of your body) and RFID blocking card slots to protect your identity and credit cards.

To be honest, a black leather tote bag with zipper provides a good amount of security, since you can keep your passport, travel documents, and wallet away from potential thieves. Plus, things will not fall out and get lost when moving quickly to meet connections.


5. Makeup Bags for Traveling


In addition to your luggage and your purse, you'll want to have a makeup bag when traveling so that you can keep all of your toiletries and cosmetics in one place.

Makeup can be expensive, and many of the products are fragile. Dedicated, small travel bags for these things prevents spills that could potentially damage other items in your luggage.

Additionally, suppose you have to check your luggage because some of your products are over the carry-on limits defined by the TSA. In that case, you'll want to make sure that they remain protected during the handling by airline baggage personnel.

Choose a bag with many small compartments inside to separate your cosmetics and other toiletries as much as possible. You'll want to have individual sections for your makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, and other facial care products.

If you're traveling with expensive products or many products in glass bottles, you might want to invest in a hard shell toiletry case made out of durable materials.

Whichever one you choose, make sure it is water-resistant and lightweight.

If you're carrying a large selection of products, opt for one with a smaller removable section that you can use for your day-to-day products upon arrival.

As a bonus, cases with a hook allow you to hang your products in the hotel bathroom, saving counter space.


6. Traveling Bags For Suits


For those of you who travel for business or a formal event like a wedding, you'll want to choose a bag that will protect your suits and other fancy attire. Nothing is worse than arriving at your destination with a wrinkled suit.

Look for bags made of nylon as they tend to resist tearing. You'll also want an option to repel water to protect your delicate garments further.

A full-length zipper allows you to place the suits inside the bag without folding them first, meaning that you won't have a crease in the middle.

Additionally, you'll want a bag that hangs so that you can continue protecting your suit from wrinkles when you arrive at your destination.

Finally, choose a bag with smaller pockets inside of it to store your ties, shoes, handkerchief, cuff-links, and other accessories.

You'll want to make sure that it fits in the airplane's overhead compartment so that you can carry it on with you, and not take the risk of your suits getting damaged or lost if you have to check them instead.


7. Small Travel Bags


Sometimes you just need to pack a few things for a quick trip. Maybe you're just staying somewhere overnight and need to pack the essentials.

A travel backpack can be the right choice for these kinds of trips. These types of packs are also great for backpacking trips, adventure travelers, and any other time large luggage would be a hindrance.

You'll want to choose a lightweight backpack that has enough room to fit all the essentials for your trip. Select one that has a roomy main compartment and smaller pockets that you can access from the outside of the bag.

Padded straps also make a good feature so that your shoulders won't tire as quickly if you need to walk for a while.

If you're using it for a quick business trip, you'll want to have one with a padded laptop compartment and maybe even a USB port for charging devices.

Make sure the material is durable. Again, we like a nylon construction or at least one with a nylon liner inside to hold up against wear and tear.


8. Shoulder Bags for Traveling


Many of us take a shoulder bag when traveling to use as a carry-on for our books and snacks on the plane or to hold a laptop or other work-related materials.

More often than not, carrying this type of bag around for extended periods of time will hurt your shoulders.

Men may want to opt for a lightweight messenger-bag style that can be worn across the body, making it hands-free. It is more professional-looking than a duffle bag but less formal than a standard briefcase.

You'll want one that has a spacious interior but is also not very bulky. Popular materials include full-grain leather with tear-resistant fabric inside.

Also, look for an option without too many complicated zippers. Easy access is critical, since you'll want to grab the contents quickly while in the airport or once you get on the plane.

Women will also want a cross-body bag but may want a slightly smaller option than a full messenger bag. Sometimes a standard cross-body purse will do the job, but you'll often want something more durable and with anti-theft features.

Water-repellant bags with RFID blocking and slash-resistant straps make the best choice. Easy access for a passport makes a nice feature as well.

Luckily, today's market has many lightweight, durable, and stylish options.


9. Liquor Bags for Traveling


If you're traveling to a place where you know you'll want to take some bottles of wine or liquor home with you, you'll need a bag that will allow it to arrive with you safely.

We suggest that you take some air-filled protective sleeves with you to safely transport wine and other glass liquor bottles in your luggage without worrying about them spilling.

These plastic sleeves come with a small air pump that allows you to fill them with air when you are ready to use them. Once you've put the bottles inside the air-filled sleeve, they'll remain safe and secure inside of your checked luggage for the duration of your trip.

If you're not flying, but want to carry some bottles on a weekend road trip securely, look for a "Bartender Bag" to organize your supplies.

These bags have padded compartments for individual bottles of liquor and spaces for various accessories (i.e., cocktail shakers, stirrers, etc.).

Look for a padded and sturdy one made of high-grade nylon material (it should also be waterproof). A messenger-bag style is also a good option that is easy to carry and won't get too heavy on your shoulder.

With the right bag, you'll be able to transport whatever you need to serve drinks when you arrive at your destination.




We hope you've enjoyed reading our tips and tricks for selecting nice traveling bags. We've tried to explain some of the more popular and useful name types for bags.

Indeed, travel should be an enjoyable part of life, whether for business or pleasure.

Having the right pieces of luggage can make packing for your journey less of a chore so that you can focus on the more important things, like all of the incredible sights you'll see and the people you'll meet.

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