10 Reasons Why Tote Bags for School have Become Popular Among Students

When it comes to school bags, students have long used backpacks. They helped to balance the weight on their backs, allowed for better organization, and they were, in fact, the standard for a long time.

However, some students have begun following other trends, thus, making tote bags their favorite carry all instead. While the bag can be an alternative to the backpack, it can also be used in conjuntion with the backpack. Either way, tote bags for school are practical and sharp looking.

Further, whether a student wears a backpack and tote bag together, or chooses just one or the other, it all depends on what they are carrying, and how much needs to be transported to class.

And unlike lower level schools with young pupils, universities and colleges have no specific policy on what a student is allowed to carry, which means their chosen leather tote bags come in quite handy for many reasons.

If you take a look around today's campuses, you'll find many scholars favoring the simple tote bag due to its functionality, ease of carrying, and stylish underpinnings.


Gift Giving ~ Back To School Tote Bags

Parents are always wondering what they should buy for their college kids when the new semester starts.

For all the reasons listed below, the leather tote bag is the ideal choice. And, to make it extra special, why not have the student's initials added to the bag?


Nine Reasons Student Tote Bags are the Popular Choice

1. Versatile

There are no limits to what a student can do with the tote bag. Thankfully, the tote isn't reserved for a single purpose, so apart from serving school needs, it has other uses and works as an everyday handbag that can accompany its owners to the gym, beach, church, or anywhere else.

They may even decide to stop by the grocery store or the farmer's market on their way home from school without worrying about paying for another bag.

2. Overflow Bag

Often, students run out of room with their backpacks, and need extra space to hold their additional belongings. The tote then becomes a convenient way of carrying their lunch, laptop, wallet, and any other personal essentials.

The backpack can store the items needed for specific classes such as science labs where students bring their own apron and protective glasses. Or geology that requires a helmut and boots for fieldwork.

These items might be a little heavier, thus, fit better on the back, plus, they might be dirty, and students can keep them separate from their personal items.

3. Variety

We love variety, and as we choose a different outfit to wear everyday, we might also want to switch up the type of bag we carry.

Like everyone else, students like love to experiment. Fortunately, the tote bag comes in different designs, materials, sizes, and colors.

There are those made from leather, fabric, and canvas, and a combination of materials. Nowadays, students are spoiled for choice and can own more than one, enabling them to mix and match their outfits however they like.

4. Spacious

School tote bags should have room for every essential including a laptop, calculator, cell phone chargers, wallet, makeup, notebooks, and pens.

The tote should have pockets for small items, while at the same time protecting the laptop from scratches and other damage. In fact, a laptop sleeve would be an excellent investment to keep everything separate.

With inside and outside pockets, it will be much easier to find things quickly.

5. Durable

Leather bags are created with quality materials and excellent workmanship. They are sturdy, rugged, and look great. Indeed, if well cared for, they could last for many, many years.

Interestingly, when you think about how long they last, the investment in leather is certainly worth every penny!

6. Customizable

To add personality and pizzazz to a tote bag, students use different accessories such as scarves, charms, ribbons, and big bows.

Some might get very artistic and if the material allows, they might paint or decorate their bag.

Finally, in case the bag might get mixed up with one belonging to another student, having their intials monogrammed on the tote bag for school would be a nice touch.

7. Fashionable

If you look good on the outside, it will make you feel better inside. Therefore, while toting their school supplies, many individuals want to look good.

Tote bags are functional, sleek, chic, and complement a student's outfit. They are aesthetically pleasing and add an extra touch of elegance that makes the carrier stand out from backpackers.

Every day, students match them with their outfits to look unique and stylish, and even have them in different colors and designs for the fashion statements they want to make.

8. Comfort

School tote bags for college are lightweight while still storing everything students need.

They're convenient and hug close to the body when walking which makes them a harder target for thieves.

Most designs can be worn on the arm or in the hand like a purse. What's an added bonus is the handles are made in such a way that the bag can be worn on the shoulder which keeps the hands free.

For students that don't have all kinds of equipment to carry, the tote is much more comfortable than the backpack.

9. Easy To Maintain

Students don't want additional work, which explains why a bag that is easy to clean is their perfect go-to.

As far as we're concerned, cleaning a tote bag is quick and effortless, making it possible to keep your bag nice and clean all the time.

To be honest, if the bag is kept in good condition, they'll actually save money because they are not replacing it all the time. And that's another reason to consider leather student tote bags when thinking about purchasing a school bag.

Concluding Thoughts on Gift Giving Leather Tote Bags for School

Indeed, backpacks long reigned supreme for students, but some are now adding another bag that is both versatile on its own, or an added complement to the backpack style bag.

And if you think about it, not everyone that goes to college and university is under twenty. There are many mature students that need tote bags for school, but do not want to look like a young student.

Nowadays, tote bags are everywhere, and you can barely get on campus without seeing who is sporting them.

This modest bag has made its way into the heart of students to become a go-to, mainly because of its practicality, durability, and sharp looking designs.

For now, it's enjoying its moment in the student world, and we don't see any slow down yet in this trend.

Where To Buy Tote Bags

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