11 Cool and Exciting Things To Do When It's Hot Outside and You're Bored

Summer season is an exceptionally fun time of the year. School is out and the kids are free to enjoy their waking hours with tons of entertainment.

Children involve themselves in different activities, while the adults sit outside and watch. Memories are made.

There are countless activities to involve yourself in while enjoying the outside.

However, summer is also a time where the excessive heat might prevent you from leaving your home. Of course, you wonder what to do and can’t come up with any fun ideas?

Here's our list of eleven fun things to do when it's hot outside.


#1 Get An Ice-Cream Cone

One of the first things everyone thinks about when the warmer weather hits is getting a refreshing cone or a bowl of ice-cream. This is one of life's simplest pleasures that the whole family can enjoy.

So, grab your keys, wallet and leather sun glasses, pack the kids and dogs into the car, and get down to the local dairy or ice-cream shoppe.

Be sure to sit on the picnic tables to completely enjoy the outing!


#2 What Does the Average Person Do On the Weekend?

If you find the heat really oppressive, you might want to take off and go somewhere cooler. Booking a nice room in a countryside Bed and Breakfast would be the perfect getaway.

It's probably your ideal dream of how to relax on the weekend.

You can escape the heat of the city, and really enjoy the weather while drinking a cool lemonade or iced tea.

Sit by the babbling brook, and watch the butterflies and dragonflies twit by while the birds sing aloud in rhythm.

Needless to say, you'll need to pack an overnight bag.

Actually, if you need a new bag or don't have one, you'll want to take a look at our gorgeous WP Standard tote. Click through to see the beauty of this bag.

Further, since you are going on such short notice, you might ask yourself, what to pack for a weekend trip?

Really, you just want to take the basics. Cool, comfortable clothing. A sweater for the evening in case the temperature drops, and also to keep the mosquitoes off your arms.

You'll need sun protection cream, bug spray, and your toiletries. Be sure to pack all your little items in different utility pouches to keep them organized so they don't get lost.

Going away for the weekend is something you can do alone, with a partner, with friends, or with your children and pets.


#3 Weekend Fishing Trip

Being out on the boat for two days is probably one of the most fun things to do when it is hot outside. You can sit all day with the wind in your face and wait for the fish to come calling. Nothing but time on your hands.

It might seem cooler, while out on the water, but do be careful with the sun's rays. They reflect off the water, and it is easy to get a sunburn if you don't have your sunscreen handy nearby.

Likewise, keep your sunglasses on so that you can protect your eyes, too!


For the father that enjoys the outdoors, and has everything, a very thoughtful, yet much needed gift is our lip balm holder. When the sun is at its highest peak, even the lips can get burned and chapped. But it's easy to lose the little container, so having a holder attached to the belt is perfect.


#4 Picnic Away or In The Backyard

Getting away from the heat is sometimes as close as your neighborhood park or green space. Think about laying under the wispy willow trees and sipping your favorite wine.

Even if you can't make it to the park, setting up under a tree in your backyard can provide the same ambiance.

Grab a tablecloth or sheet, your wine tote with corkscrew, some snacks or food, and make believe you are far from home. That will cool you down, real quick.

And, if you drink soda, sarsaparilla, or beer, make sure to take the bottle opener with you!


#5 Have A Scavenger Hunt

It is often cooler in the morning, and fresh air is a treat to our minds, as well as faces.

A fun and adventurous activity is to take the kids outside in the morning and let them get distracted with their games.

In the meantime, hide certain things throughout the garden in safe places. Make a list of the items, and let the kids hunt for them.

The element of excitement can be increased by awarding certain trophies for everything that they succeed in finding.


#6 Swing On A Hammock

Not every person likes to engage in strenuous activities like swimming or volleyball. They prefer to sit back and watch everything in silence.

Some might want to sip on an iced-cold drink, read a nice book, gaze at the stars, or even take a nap.

Whatever they enjoy, investing in a strong hammock can be relaxing and fun.

Some hammocks are sold with their own framework, so that you can dismantle them and set them up elsewhere.

Others are tied into tree trucks and branches or tall poles and you basically leave them there permanently for the summer.

Either way, the best part is that you get to be with your family and friends, and also enjoy your own relaxing activity with the wind breezing through your hair.


#7 Visit Your Local Library

For those who like a silent and sophisticated place to chill, no option is better than a library to spend time.

Libraries are well lit. Their temperature is maintained well, and the environment is free of noise.

Libraries offer more than just books. Many libraries have a toy section for kids.

There are gaming zones where your kids can play educational computer games. The arts department can involve you in sketching and painting classes.

Also, there are audio-books available which you can listen to peacefully with your eyes closed while resting in a comfortable chair.

Be sure to take a portfolio with you or some form of writing pad in a notepad cover in case you want to make some notes.


#8 Make Watermelon Slushies

In addition to be being the best taste ever, melon slushies are great for keeping hydrated. Watermelon, in particular, is made mostly of water.

To make these super heat-smashing drinks, throw some frozen melon pieces in the blender. Add some lime and ice, and shake it all about.

When it is done, pour into cute summer-time glasses and serve with straws. A piece of pineapple or strawberry on the top is a nice touch.

When you take your first sip, you realize how delicious they are considering how simple the slushies are to make.

The neat part about watermelon slushies is that everyone likes them – little kids, adults and everyone in between.


#9 Make A Fruit Platter

Fruits are one of the best treats in summer because they contain an ample amount of water, are sweet to eat, and there is a vast variety to choose from. What is better than a whole fruit, you ask?

A decorated fruit platter, of course.

Making your own fruit platter is far superior to purchasing a store-made fruit tray.

First of all, it is an activity the whole family can do.

Secondly, you can choose whatever fruits you like to include and how many different varieties of fruit you are going to use.

Lastly, making your own fruit platter is cheaper, fresher and better quality.

Take your personally decorated fruit platters one step further by using cookie cutters as patterns for the cut fruit pieces.

The cutters come in a multitude of sizes and shapes such as animals, birds, the letters of the alphabet, and stars, circles and rectangles.

Make a funny face or arrange the fruit according to patterns.

Just be sure that the fruits are on the cold side or you will end up with a squashy mess when trying to use the cutter.

The real bonus to moms and dads is cookie cutters are handy in motivating a picky eater. Who wouldn’t want to eat a melon piece shaped like a cute butterfly or cat? Or better yet, take a look at this amazing train!



#10 Backyard Gardening or Community Gardens

The most suitable way to get in touch with nature is gardening.

Even though plenty of houses have some form of backyard, not every one has the space to plant a full a garden.

That's okay because you can use planting pots in a small area, or you can even contribute to the local community garden if one is available.

Gardening is not just fun, but it is also a beneficial activity for the health of your body and mind. It creates inner peace.

Summer heat and boredom will be conquered with the cool mud and fresh plantation of new plants and herbs.

For kids, gardening is a learning activity that they are thoroughly delighted to participate in.

One caution, though. If you are planting in pots, be sure to put the work area in the shade.

Another benefit of gardening is that you get to enjoy the fruits of your labors - eating the fresh produce from the very plants that you planted.


#11 Play With Garden Sprinkler

Who doesn’t love to run barefoot through the lawn sprinkler? Every kid has done this as a child.

Whether your family only owned a hose and nozzle, or had one of those fancy pools with holes on the side, that water shoots out like a fountain, the sprinkler was the place to be for kids, adults, and dogs, alike.

Indeed a mere garden tool is one of the best summer fun toys around!



Regardless of how long the heat lasts, or where you live, you are bound to find some relief by trying out one or more of our exciting suggestions for beating those hazy, hot and humid days of summer!


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