Employee Appreciation Days Focus on Five Teamwork Gift Ideas that Must Also Include Leather Offerings

Everyone loves presents - that goes without saying. So why wouldn't your loyal employees love to receive something special from your company, as well?

Your employees want to feel appreciated and part of the organization. To make them feel special, companies often hold employee picnics, Christmas parties, and they sponsor sports teams. Additionally, they hand out significant awards for specific achievements at these events.

Teamwork gift ideas satisfy the need of employees to feel wanted, plus they go a long way to building better relationships with your work force.

Further, if you want to build strong relationships of cooperation and unity, you need to make sure your gifts are personalized. By monogramming your leather presents, the employees that receive the item will feel special and will cherish the item thinking about how they earned it.

Let's discuss five ways companies reward employees with special activities while rewarding them with fabulous leather gifts.

1. Employee and Family Fun Day

A family fun day is a great idea because not only are you valuing the business relationship, but you’re also showing appreciation for their family. The family dynamic could include children, parents, siblings, roommates, and partners.

One great example of an activity day is an Escape Room. An escape room is a unique styled room where people are locked in and they have to play a game requiring them to solve puzzles to escape. There is a time limit, which adds to the fun as people race to make it out before the clock runs out.

Escapes are great because not only does the captain get to choose their team, it’s a great team-building exercise. It challenges the players to think proactively and work together to achieve a common goal: escape.

Another fun activity example is Board Game Night. There are many fun board game cafés, where you can rent different games, and have drinks, and food. It’s a unique way to connect with your loved ones, plus you can choose the games you play.

Alternatively, a hall could be rented and everyone brings a selection of games that everyone can decide to play.

Finally, another suggestion is Laser Tag. Laser is great fun for all ages and all group dynamics. You can play with strangers from other families or remain within your familial unit.

As for the gift giving:

For employee family events like these, choose items are less expensive, but that still make a splash.

If you go with smaller gifts, you can hand out more, but be sure to decide in advance how many, and what the recipient must do to earn it.

For example, do something in the fastest time, or the team that works together to win.

Some of the leather teamwork gift ideas are holders for hand sanitzer, cases for lip balm, a coin pouch, or a notepad cover.

Let the winner of the task choose their own gift from a selection of a few items.

2. Travel Company Customer Gifts

Since tour and trip prices have become very competitive with all the booking websites out there, travel agents and their agencies need to go the extra mile to keep existing customers and attract new ones. Often, gifts with their logos or slogan will keep their names in the forefront when a customer books their next adventure.

A great way to recognize special customers is by giving a thoughtful gift to those who spend a certain amount on their trip. This creates an incentive for them, but also shows your appreciation for them. Not only will they remember the kind gesture, but they are also way more likely to book future trips with you. All around a win-win.

But don't stop there. The agency might match the same gift for their employees that sold the vacation. Or maybe, at the end of the quarter, or the end of the year, provide a leather gift to the agent that sold the most bookings.

One great example of a gift idea for customers is a passport holder. Most people are always fumbling for their documents or stopping to go through all their things to make sure they have everything. A passport holder keeps all necessary documents together.

Truly a life-saver. Once a customer uses a passport holder, they will wonder how they never invested in one before.

Another great example is a travel journal. Journaling has become very popular. Many people use journaling while traveling to document all their wonderful experiences, as well as an outlet for all their thoughts.

Therefore, it's a great way to show you’re excited about their journey.

Moreover, if you know the customer is a regular traveler, a more substantial item to give might be a lovely leather tote bag or handy leather duffle bag.

They'll remember you, for sure, everytime they pack their bag!

To be honest, a spectacular Thank You gift for someone who has been organizing their trips through you, or your agency, for a long time, is the complete ensemble kit which includes a passport case, a sunglasses holder, and a duffle bag.

Now, that is something to get excited about.

3. Give Back to the Community

Everyone loves receiving gifts, but a great way to stand out is by giving back to the world. One way to do this is by hosting a volunteer day for a nonprofit organization with your employees that want to participate. Not only is this a wonderful team-bonding activity, but it is also a way to remind everyone of the power of giving back.

Research shows that volunteering improves mental health and provides a sense of purpose. Since many people don’t get enough opportunities to volunteer, doing it through work will allow people to feel good, align them with company values, and also have fun.

Plus, your company gets the chance to network with organizations and build professional relationships in the community.

So, when ordering items for this special day, you might choose personalized corporate gifts that are pertinent to the charity's clientele.

Or you could choose a small leather item with the your logo to give out to the participants at the event.

Likewise, you might recognize your own staff for having helped to make the day a success.


4. Gifts for Promoted Employees

A promotion in itself is a tremendous win. The person’s dedication and hard work have been recognized by the advancement opportunity. But as a company, taking the time to put in that extra effort to celebrate the employee will go a long way.

A promotional gift can be very creative as each individual is different, so taking the time to research their likes and dislikes will help you organize a meaningful gift. But if you’re still unsure, there are some great standard options you cannot go wrong with.

For example, A Day Out is always a great choice. A spa day or a golf day (depending on their interests) cannot go wrong. Not only will this allow them to rest for the day, it is a luxury item that will make them feel special.

Of course, a gorgeous leather gift such as a totebag, briefcase bag, or duffle bag debossed with their initals is an outstanding gift, in addition to the promotion. It is something for employees to strive for and really know they did a good job!

5. Sponsor A Team

Lots of companies, both small and large, sponsor local teams to keep their names out in the community.

Most times, it is often a sports team like baseball or soccer, but it could be another kind like a debating team or spelling bee or even a bonspiel.

People of all ages and all levels are also looking for good corporate citizens that want more positive exposure.

In addition to adding theie names to the uniforms, hats and other equipment, the company can pledge leather gifts for specific achievements.

For example, something for the player with the best attendance, or the highest score.


There is no doubt that employees love to receive gifts that are practical and at the same time, something they can be proud of.

Further, when employers compile employee like lists to create a nice range teamwork gift ideas, it helps them to keep a loyal workforce, and also add excitement to the job.

Although some owners see gifting as an onerous expense, on the other hand, others see it as an investment in their firm's longevity.

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