Thank Your Ushers and Best Man with Practical Groomsmen Gifts They Can Use and Enjoy

It's been tradition for a long time for the groom to give the ushers and best man serving at his wedding a gift for the fine job they do.


Often, the gift was something they could use on the wedding day such as cufflinks and matching tie clip.


But nowadays, many men do not wear shirts that require cufflinks, but rather prefer the button-closing cuff or wear short-sleeved shirts. Likewise, they might not wear ties at all, and there would be no use for a clip any time in the future. Finally, lots of men opt for the bow tie for their wedding tuxes.


Another common option as a thank you gift was a piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or neck chain, but again, these things are somewhat irrelevant to most males since they will never wear them again.


So what exactly, does today's groom buy for the men that help with his special day?


Whether the wedding is extravagantly expensive, or a pared down event with a small number of family and friends, it seems like a lot of grooms are opting for practical groomsmen gifts.


While they can spend as much or as little as they choose, and of course, whatever fits their budget, the key here is that the recipient should be able to use the item and actually enjoy it.


Take a look at our accessories page and see what resonates with your wedding team.

How Much To Spend On Groomsmen Gifts

When asking yourself how much should I spend on groomsmen gifts, everyone will have a different situation. The actual dollar figure is not what is truly important.


The best man, though, often does a bit more work in supporting the groom, so his gift might be a little more expensive than the others.


While it is a lot easier to buy the same thing for everyone, what usually happens is you'll either get something that is not appropriate for one, or something for all of them that will sit in a drawer forever .


Nowadays, it is probably wiser to think about the person, and get something to match his personality. They are, afterall, your friends so it should be easy enough to think about what they might enjoy individually.


Just make sure that the gifts are somewhat equal in value. You don't want to spend $500 on one, and only $50 on another.

Let's Reveal Our Favorite Ideas for Practical Groomsmen Gifts!

#1 Practical Groomsmen Gifts ~ For The One Who Enjoys B.Y.O.B.

If you find that one of your helpers eats out often at fancy restaurants, either with his partner, or with family, he might enjoy having a sophisticated wine tote to carry his favorite bottle to the venue to savor with the meal. And, in case he forgets it behind, you can always have it personalized with his initials.


You can go even farther with the present and add his favorite bottle of wine or a new selection to try, which is always a nice surprise. Finish the kit off with a sharp looking corkscrew and he will be delighted with the whole package.


Finally, the carrier is quite versatile, as he can transport it to parties, to any get-together, or simply keep two bottles of wine on display in his home. It is a beautiful accent piece while waiting for the next outing!



If you're not sure how well a wine tote is appreciated as a gift, you'll want to check out our guide on reasons for owning this handsome leather convenience!


#2 Practical Groomsmen Gifts ~ For The Organizer in the Group

If you are keen on getting everyone the same thing, a Dopp Kit may be the answer to your dilemma.


There are lots of reasons to have a very nice looking leather shaving kit. For instance, the fellow might live in cramped quarters with a small bathroom. It might make more sense to keep his supplies and equipment in his bedroom instead of the bathroom, so the kit is ideal for keeping everything together. Plus, it looks nice sitting on top of the dresser.


Likewise, if he travels for work, or goes to the cottage regularly, or visits friends and family on the weekends, he'll appreciate something decent looking to carry his belongings.


The Dopp Kit is actually quite thoughtful as a gift. Many men don't go out and buy their own shaving bag. If they have kids, they usually get one for Christmas or Father's Day from them, or the wife takes care of getting them something.


With this option, you are sure to spend the same amount on everyone. Of course, if you think they might like different colors, that is a nice touch, too!


One more thing to make this a complete package, add the shaving cream, after shave lotion, and maybe a Styptic pencil.

#3 Practical Groomsmen Gifts ~ For The Fastidious Laptop Owner

This is another one of those gifts that you can give to everyone or just the guy that takes good care of his belongings and particularly his laptop.


A laptop sleeve keeps the device protected while at the same time looks quite sharp and fashionable. Even if the recipient doesn't carry the laptop in another bag, the sleeve can work just as well.


He can carry his laptop in the sleeve under his arm or in his hands. Plus, with the pockets for chargers and other small necessities, he'll ensure he doesn't leave anything behind. It's easy to carry on its own to a meeting, coffee shop, or anywhere he uses WiFi.


Ideally, if your groomsmen are really close friends, and you have the budget, you might want to add a matching bag with it, so they can carry all their belongings, while protecting their laptops from damage!

#4 Practical Groomsmen Gifts ~ Travel Wedding Gear

Often, friends might have moved away, or you and your partner have decided on a destination wedding where the wedding party and guests will have to travel.


Further, many couples may not have the wedding in the city where they live, but rather, will travel back to their hometowns. No matter, the reason for traveling, the groomsmen will definitely need something to pack for the trip.


In this case, a gorgeous leather bag is the perfect thank you gift. Again, you can get everyone the same item - different colors if you choose - and you can monogram each to keep them separate.


This gift is a fabulous gesture, as everyone gets to travel in style!

#5 Practical Groomsmen Gifts ~ For The Sports Lover

If any of the groomsmen have a game they play, accessories or equipment will come in handy. Maybe, his golf bag is too small, or his baseball gear bag is ripped.


What would be extra special is the guys doing something together. Getting back to the golf example, assuming they all play, you could give them a day together on the greens with their new bags!


Concluding Notes On Buying Practical Groomsmen Gifts

There's no doubt that in many families, and for many weddings, tradition still dictates how and when things are done.

But, as with anything else, tradition evolves. In this case, it is not so important that everyone receive the same thank you gift, and it is not out of the ordinary to give something useful instead of a gift that will collect dust over the years.

Practical groomsmen gifts are really the modern way to express your gratitude to the men who helped you and supported you up to and including your special day.

As you decide your budget for spending on individual pieces of the wedding, also set aside some time to think about what your friends truly mean to you, and what they would most appreciate as the recipients of your thanks.

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