5 Popular Regions for A Hot Springs Romantic Getaway In the USA

If you're looking for the most romantic getaways in the United States, nothing can top soaking in a natural hot spring surrounded by the sound of nature.

Mineral-rich waters and natural thermal pools are known for their healing powers that can relieve pain. But they also provide a magical and eerie destination for couples who want to relax.

Hot-spring romantic getaways are varied in their surroundings: from natural pools surrounded by thick forest and snow-covered mountain caps to luxurious, curated spa experiences.

Some getaways on our list encompass both, providing you with high luxury in secluded natural spots.

And all have one thing in common: they are idyllic destinations for the romantically inclined and seekers of sparks.

Let's reveal our top secret hot springs romantic getaway found in five different areas of the US.


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1. Romantic Getaways in Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas, is the perfect town for couples looking for an all-encompassing hot spring destination.

Nestled among the green Ouachita Mountains and surrounded by beautiful lakes, it has a Victorian-style charming appeal.

For centuries, Native Americans and visitors from around the world have flocked to the natural geothermal waters of the area, which are said to have healing and rejuvenating properties.

Couples can spend their time strolling through the town, admiring scenic bridges and hot water cascades, but the gem is the hot springs national park, nicknamed 'the American spa.'

The city is also famous for its Bathhouse Row: the most impressive collection of bathhouses in North America.

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The Waters Hot Springs, Tapestry Collection by Hilton Hot Springs

Nestled between eateries and antique shops on Central Avenue, the Waters Hotel was built in 1913 by renowned Arkansas architect George R. Mann to house medical offices.

Here, visitors from around the country would come to get a prescription for bathing or drinking the thermal waters.

Now converted into a hotel, the building has kept its neoclassical architectural style with its beautiful marble ceilings, gothic windows, and historic wood and tiles.

It is located right across Bathhouse Row, a street from hot springs national park.

This one is best for couples who are fans of beautiful historical settings and time traveling.


Lookout Point Lakeside Inn Hot Springs

Comfort and high style merge to create intimacy.

For seekers of the exceptionally romantic, Lookout Point lakeside inn surpasses all expectations: private boat rides on the lake, gourmet dishes served for breakfast, and gorgeous rooms with dream-like views of the pond and mountains.

Everything feels like a postcard, perfect for celebrating romance.

Located on the shores of Lake Hamilton, this inn is 11.3 km from Hot Springs National Park and the historic downtown.

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Hot Springs Treehouses Hot Springs

For couples wanting a truly intimate setting far away from the hustle and bustle of any town: you've just stumbled on the best-kept romantic getaway of Hot Springs.

Enjoy the sunset from your private jacuzzi, relax on your back porch overlooking a forest, or make use of your grill and BBQ.

Hot Springs Treehouse is conveniently located about 15 minutes from bathhouse row and Hot Springs National Park.

2. Hot Springs Romantic Getaway Colorado

Dunton Hot Springs Dolores

Romantic log-cabin-living merges with the modern comforts of a resort in Dunton Hot Springs.

This unbelievably beautiful gem tucked away in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado provides a worry-free environment: everything is all-inclusive at the resort, from food to drinks to alcohol.

Thirteen cabins are available for rent, each providing a unique layout. Six hot springs can be enjoyed from different vantage points: under the stars or inside the bathhouse, and can be combined with various spa treatments.

The resort also has its own vineyard, library, and saloons, and its wilderness grounds provide ample opportunities for hikes and horseback riding.

The Springs Resort & Spa Pagosa Springs

Boosting 25 hot spring soaking pools, five of them being adult-only, The Springs Resort in Pagosa is a high-end destination infused with daily wellness activities like aqua yoga and forest bathing hikes.

The waters of Pagosa are known for their beneficial medicinal effects that U.S. Army physicians studied in the 1860s.

The Springs is the perfect place to soak in these relaxing ponds.

Guests of the property have 24-hour access to the pools, ensuring a multitude of thermal experiences overlooking a sunset, sunrise, or the starry sky.




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Glenwood Hot Springs Resort Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is known for its romantic getaway packages, perfect for crafting new loving memories.

Settled inside the Colorado mountains, this alpine resort is surrounded by lakes and canyons and is the famous home to the world's largest mineral hot springs pool.

The waters provide ample buoyancy, and you'll find yourself exhaling in delight while floating and soaking in them.

3. Hot Springs Romantic Getaways in Idaho

To many, Idaho feels like the last untouched natural frontier: the doorway state to the glorious beauty of the Pacific Northwest region.


Its unique geological location offers countless geothermal hot springs, many of which are accessible year-round.


Soak up the state's magic surrounded by untouched romantic surroundings and modern luxury.


Miracle Hot Springs Buhl

Located in Idaho's desert, Miracle Hot Springs is a geothermal oasis blessed with a continuous flow of natural mineral water.

Often referred to as 'the best hot springs' by its many visitors, the resort is well-known for the softness of its spring which you can choose to enjoy in total privacy.

The property offers many types of accommodations sure to suit any couple's tastes, but we recommend their glamping domes in particular, as these geometrical igloos emanate a romantic ambiance.

Shore Lodge McCall

The Shore Lodge is the ultimate Idaho destination for seekers of a true sanctuary: think breathtaking sceneries, unrivaled amenities, mountain escapades, movie theatres, film libraries, and nightly fire pit gatherings on the beach.

The resort's crown jewels are the year-round heated pools and hot tubs: immerse yourself in Idaho's nature or retreat to the coziness of the hot spring's indoor section.

Beauty attracts crowds, but the shore lodge values privacy above all else and keeps its number of guests to a minimum.

Riverview Yurt with Private Geothermal Hot Pool Buhl

For a truly unique and private experience, check out this Riverview spacious yurt perched on a hillside providing a fantastic view of the surrounding area and wildlife.

Natural geothermal waters will be available right outside your door: this accommodation comes with a private outdoor hot springs pool and an open-air shower.

Although it is available on Airbnb, it has all the amenities of a hotel room and provides the opportunity for a digital detox as it does not offer wifi.

4. Hot Spring Resorts Oregon

Oregon is a haven for breathtaking sites, notorious for its distinctive features of rugged mountainous landscapes and desert plateaus.

Romantic hot springs are dotted throughout its beautiful surroundings, allowing couples to relax and recharge in some of the country's finest mineral-enriched waters and spectacular sceneries.

Lithia Springs Resort - Oregon's Mineral Waters Retreat Rogue Valley

Lithia Springs Resort offers a bright and romantic abode where mineral-rich spring water can be enjoyed in many locations, from public outdoor pools and jacuzzi to the inside of your room.

The property's lawn and garden hide a secret: beneath them, hot water, rich in sulfur and numerous minerals, has been known to heal the body and spirits for decades.

The resort is also comprised of plenty of cozy indoor spaces such as libraries, tea rooms, and fireplaces.

The Lodge at Hot Lake Springs La Grande

This historic brick hotel, originally built in 1906, sits on the edge of a lake steaming with hot springs.

It is a popular spot for adventurous travelers seeking to find a warm and cozy place to recuperate after undertaking the Oregon Trail.

The hotel has many tubs and swimming pools, most of which provide a stunning view of the surrounding lake and mountains.

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat Detroit

Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat is the perfect hot springs romantic getaway for those who want a genuinely off-the-grid experience surrounded by the natural wonders of Oregon.

This sanctuary is situated on 154 acres of national forests and glacier-fed river streams. It offers couples a complete digital detox: no cell service or wifi is available.

This resort is the largest thermal spring area of the Oregon Cascades. It is blessed with abundant soaking options: natural pools overlooking the rivers and trees, spiral or individual tubs in the meadow, and saunas with mountain views.

5. Hot Springs Romantic Getaways in New England

New England does not have the same natural geological conditions that birth hot springs. Still, we want to provide residents of the area opportunities for romantic getaways close to home.

Massachusetts is home to one of the only hot springs in New England: Sand Springs. And although it's a nonprofit community pool, we've located a very romantic accommodation nearby.

For fans of private soaking, Connecticut encloses a rare and genuinely unique gem: the opportunity to stay at a Japanese-style inn with its own natural mineral hot spring.

And finally, for those seeking an authentic hot spring soak: the nearby state of Quebec in Canada offers a bewildering and breathtaking experience in its world-renowned spa.

The Guest House at Field Farm Williamstown, Massachusetts

Known as one of the best-rated bed and breakfasts in Massachusetts, the Guest House at Field Farm offers the unique setting of a 1948 Bauhaus-inspired house.

Fans of art gather ye: modern artworks adorn the walls, and famous furniture designs such as Kagan sofas, George Nelson saucer pendant lamps, and Noguchi coffee tables enhance the living space.

Nature follows suit in exquisite surroundings: views of Mt. Greylock and 316 acres of conserved green pastures and forests that seem to extend as far as the eyes.

O Gawa Shou North Granby, Connecticut

O Gawa Shou translates to "Inn by the Stream" and is aptly named as the sound of trickling water surrounding this romantic getaway.

Mixing traditional Japanese craftsmanship with modern comfort, owners Yumi and Glenn offer only two guest rooms in their inn, guaranteeing privacy and authenticity.

You'll also savor authentic Japanese cuisine: the miso is shipped from Japan. Trade your clothing for cotton robes and slippers and head to a peaceful soak in their spring-fed water wooden tub heated up by a wooden furnace.

You can slide the window open and watch the surrounding eerie nature while wondering if you're still in New England or somehow ended up in Japan.

Scandinave Spa Mont Tremblant Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Nestled within the Laurentian forest and the shores of the Diable River, this spa's rustic installation provides the perfect escape from the stress of daily life.

Couples looking for quiet surroundings will appreciate that silence is required within the property. At Scandinave Spa, hot springs can be enjoyed in many forms: from Norwegian steam baths to Nordic and thermal waterfalls.

Those seeking a different experience also have the opportunity to take an icy dip into a hole cut into the natural river. The spa does not offer accommodations, but plenty of romantic lodgings surround the area.

We recommend booking a Love Nest Dome at Bel Air Tremblant: a unique bubble-style pod where you'll feel surrounded by the cold and will get to enjoy your own private outdoor hot tub and sauna.

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