12 Tips for Our Fly with Me Corporate Gift Box Tailored To Traveling Employees

Many companies have employees that travel a lot. For example, executives may move from office to office around the world, or sales agents may need to visit other countries to negotiate contracts.

Regardless of how they travel, and to where they travel, large firms want their employees to represent the company image. One way to do that is by giving a corporate gift box to all those members of the staff that need to move around on a regular basis.

In addition to protecting the company brand, the gift boxes ensure that employees do not have to buy the necessary work and travel items out of their own money. The firm takes care of the expense.

In this interesting article about travel tips, we specifically discuss the use of our own Fly with Me Kits.

To be honest, we can't think of a better way to take care of employees that travel on behalf of the corporation, as well as rewarding employees for specific performance achievements.

1. Duffle Bag ~ A Carry On That Makes Sense

There are many pros to using a duffle bag as your carry-on item of choice: they are spacious, lightweight, and flexible.

They also provide ease of access since you only need to zip them open from the comfort of your vantage point, and they allow you to navigate any space and terrain with both hands freed up.

The beauty of this leather duffle bag, in particular, is that it’s made of durable and soft material, and you can throw it on your shoulder or choose to go for a sleeker airport look by carrying it.

Either way, its soft handles and cushioned strap guarantee ease of transport.

We prefer it to rolling carry-on luggage because it gets you through TSA more efficiently: laptops can be taken in and out in a few seconds, and items are easily accessible at all times.

2. Passport Holder ~ Put Your Documents in One Place

Passport covers allow for ease of access when you'll need to show your ID during check-in and security points.

The passport cover we're recommending even comes with a couple of extra storage points that you can use for credit cards. Its bi-fold design allows for better organization, but it's also great for having somewhere to store document copies or forms you might need for traveling.

The best part is that this serves as a solution to the anxiety-filled-moments all travelers irrationally feel when going through customs or airport security as they scramble to find all their proper documentation - each of which seems suddenly buried deep within their carry-on.

Now you'll have one item that comfortably holds all your official documents.

3. Sunglasses Holder ~ Trade-In Your Bulky Glasses Case for a Thinner One

Most glasses and sunglasses come in bulky cases that take up too much space and tend to not be particularly appealing to look at.

The case we're recommending (that comes with the duffle bag and passport cover we mentioned above) serves its purpose as a container that can protect your glasses from all kinds of scratches and mishaps.

Additionally: it looks good and doesn't take up more space than it needs to, and its slip-in-and-out access also allows for smooth efficiency.

4. Utility Bags ~ Compartmentalize Your Items

If you’ve traveled before, chances are you’ve probably experienced hectically going through your bag as you detangle chargers and unrelated items in hopes of finding that one pen you know you packed, or these migraine pills you desperately need.

That’s where the "utility" of utility pouches comes in: they make it easier to find small items without tearing apart the entire content of your duffle bag.

They also allow you to efficiently compartmentalize your items: electronics, toiletries, cosmetics, keys, and extra pieces (like socks and underwear in case of long travel).

5. Lip Balm Holder ~Hydrate and Take Care of Dehydration Signs

We have a few essentials in our carry-on that range from empty water bottles to sanitation wipes and pens, but the most important one might just be a chapstick.

Between dry airplane cabins, overuse of hand sanitizers, TSA that confiscates your liquids, and the overall craziness that comes with any type of travel, most of us forget to drink an appropriate amount of water and end up with very crusty lips.

While the solution is obviously to drink more water, a quick lip balm fix can't hurt. A lip balm holder might seem like an odd item, but it's pretty handy as you can attach the holder to any hook or belt, allowing easy and quick access.

Also, let's face it: lip balms are tiny, and most of us lose them quite easily.

6. Airpods Case ~ Elevate Your Noise-Canceling Game

Many people prefer to travel with Airpods instead of bulkier headphones or earphones.

Travelers also rave about the versatility of Airpods, which also provide noise-canceling options: an extremely convenient feature when traveling in noisy airplanes or with loud families or snore-producing partners.

Airpod holders are also a game-changer: they make sense practically since they protect the charging case from damage, impact, and scratches - lengthening the life of this expensive investment.

These leather ones are easier to distinguish and improve your grip - let’s face it, the original cases are pretty slippery.

7. Trade-In Your Bulky Wallet for a Skinny One

Traveling and packing go hand in hand, and we believe they should also intertwine their fingers with efficiency and lightweightness.

This is why bulky wallets should be traded for skinny sleeker ones which are both practical and elegant and, more importantly: hold everything snugly.

The skinny wallet we’re recommending has enough space to fit in everything you might need, from credit cards to ID, and it will also perfectly fit into your front pocket.

8. Custom Corporate Gift Boxes ~ Fly with Me and Little Things

The beauty of ordering these lovely leather corporate gift boxes from us is we will make them completely customizable for your staff member or the recipient of your gift.

This is probably a requirement when more than one employee travels together. You don't want them mixing up their bags and accessories. By adding their initials, everyone knows whose is whose.

Plus, if you wanted to take another direction, you could add the company or brand logo. Read about our personalized corporate gift program here.

Either way, these custom corporate gift boxes are a luxurious, elegant, and rich-looking kit to own!

Other Travel Hacks We Recommend

9. Download Offline Maps

While physical maps have become obsolete in today's day and age, Google Maps has continued to prove itself one of the best traveling companions anyone could ask for.

Sadly, universal wifi isn't a thing yet, and you might find yourself sighing in irritation waiting for maps to load or begin to render.

Thankfully, Google Maps can be fully downloaded offline in most cities and becomes fully operational without the need for an internet connection: even the GPS location system works!

If you've saved anything like landmarks or restaurants, you can also download them, enabling you to check out what to do in an area and easily transport yourself there. This feature also works in airplane mode.

All you need to do is go to the app, look up the area or city you're traveling to, type "ok map," and press "download."

10. Create a Group Chat With Yourself

You've probably heard of the 'email yourself your passport file' hack.

But in this travel-and-packing-tricks list, we're leveling up the tip: instead of emailing yourself essential documents, create a one-member group with yourself on the messaging app of your choice.

Whether it's messenger or WhatsApp, you can opt to create a group where you're the only member and send yourself all the documents and information you'd need for your next trip.

We usually opt for the following pdf files: a digital copy of our passport, the address, and booking receipt/check-in instructions for our accommodation, any visa scans or QR code we'll need, our plane booking confirmation, and a copy of our travel insurance coverage.

Having a message group with yourself is easier to work with for two reasons: you won't need a wifi connection to load up your email, and the group only has documents you currently need, so you don't need to look through it extensively.

11. Travel With a Multi-Purpose Sweater

Sweaters, jackets, or hoodies are usually an essential part of any trip: even if you’re going somewhere extremely hot, you never know when you’ll find yourself sitting in a room where the AC mimicks Antartica’’s weather conditions.

The beauty of these clothing items is that they are bulky enough to double as pillows when rolled and folded appropriately.

While plenty of neck pillow designs exist and are each marketed towards a specific type of sleeper, we are still firm believers in the versatility of sweaters: the bigger they are, the more accommodating they become to our neck-supporting needs.

A big plus with these items is that you can also use them for what they were designed: to keep you warm in case you’re traveling in planes or cars where a family member or friend seems to run at a different temperature than you.

The best part is that, unlike travel pillows, these are items you use throughout your whole trip.

12. Travel Worry-Free With Travel Insurance

Whether or not you’ll end up needing to use travel insurance is hard to determine, which is why many travelers opt to go against purchasing one.

However, we believe the benefits outweigh the cost, as the past years have proven that anything can happen. From injury to illness, lost luggage, or canceled flights, good travel insurance will cover all these costs, including major accidents like an unforeseen death or travel-company bankruptcies.

Travel insurance minimizes the considerable financial costs of such accidents. Many options exist at different price points, each ensuring that you won’t be left helpless and in a dire financial situation if the unexpected happens.


Whether your employees are recently retired, and just starting their traveling days, or their job requires a good amount of traveling, having the right gear is crucial. That's where our corporate gift box comes in handy as the perfect kit for gift-giving or standard corporate equipment.

In fact, without being too presumptuous, we think deserving employees would do well with both the Little Things and the Fly With Me kits - particularly those that travel, either on behalf of the company, or for their own entertainment and enjoyment such as someone that has met a workplace milestone.

And remember ... we will monogram the pieces for you, or add a logo, making gorgeous custom corporate gift boxes for you to give and protect your brand at the same time.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and specific details regarding your project.

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