Add Smart Leather Accessories To The Top Chic Fashion Style Trends For Ladies

Summer is the undeniable season of fashion. From beachwear and tote bags to platform heels and crop tops, summer outfits are easy, breezy and carefree.

And whether you’re lounging at the beach during a sunny afternoon or sipping martinis at a backyard gathering, there’s something for any - and every – occasion.

Let's take a look at the top chic fashion style trends for ladies who accessorize with leather.


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Are Maxi Dresses in Style?

Everyone loves a casual dress for summer, and this season there is a plethora to choose from. The maxidress, for instance, is a tireless classic that has been around for years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Updated with chunky platforms and a straw tote bag, it’s a refreshing summer outfit that can go anywhere. And if the maxidress isn’t your style, you can always opt for a mididress instead.

A brightly-colored midi with a sleek black purse is an effortlessly timeless look.

Feeling bold?

There’s more than just color and cut-outs to play with; in fact, the micro-mini is so far one of the most pervasive trends of 2022. The micro-mini absolutely takes short skirts to a whole new level. While the average mini-skirt hits well above the knees, the microskirt goes even higher, perfect for daring summer outfits. And with the heat in the air, it’s a perfect addition to your summer fashion wardrobe.

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How to style this ultra-stylish piece?

How to make it more mature? There are plenty of options. Summer fashion is as varying from barely-there crochet tops to gorgeous long maxi-dresses.

An oversized blazer in a dark color works beautifully with the micro-mini – and add to that a belt almost as short as the skirt itself.

The micro-mini is for the bold, but it’s definitely wearable — you'll see this look on the street wherever you go, and this summer outfit isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Are Capri Pants in Style?

As for pants, there are just as many options for women this season. The fashion world has moved away from skinny jeans and has fully embraced wider legs and patterned pants.

The 80’s wide leg is coming back with a fervor; almost universally flattering, it’s a great piece to add to your wardrobe. Wide-legged pants in general are having a glorious moment again; every woman should have a piece (or two) in her wardrobe!

Another option is the stunning, bright pants with intoxicating color and a bold statement just by itself.

Sometimes, pieces come together in a way no one would have expected them to. It’s part of why fashion is so intriguing.

Indeed, some women don’t enjoy showing so much skin – and that is understandable. There are plenty of looks that cover more and reveal less.

Their summer outfits aren’t daring or fearless; instead they look to other outfits for inspiration. One example right now – which is very popular – is yet another classic look.

The French girl look is incredibly classy: tapered jeans, bright white t-shirt tucked in, a navy blue jacket. It’s a look that women have been seeking since catching a glimpse of old Hollywood starlets so many years ago.

Fashion is, of course, a cycle; everything always comes back around.

Even if you are choosing your work outfit for the office, a sophisticated backpack is for today's female.


As for fashion accessories themselves, they’re particularly vivid this year.

Summer outfits aren’t complete without them: chunky platforms, sparkling bags, bold necklaces. And the best part about these accessories is that they can go with almost anything, from crochet tops to ‘mom’ jeans and cuffed beat-up jackets.

You can choose a single item as a statement piece or pile on the jewelry as you see fit. Both will draw eyes on the street!

Are Scarves in Style for 2022 ?

Speaking of covering up – silk scarves are also definitely having a moment right now.

The scarf trend is undeniably versatile.

They can be used twisted in your hair, wrapped around your neck, worn as a shawl around your throat.

You can also even use it wrapped around your purse. It’s a perfect way to express your sense of style without being too ‘loud’.

Maybe you’re shy - or maybe you just prefer a quieter sort of style.

It’s your right to develop your own personal fashion style.

Summer fashion is, as we’ve seen, a look that encompasses countless different angles. And shoes are undeniably included in this.

Tractor-Trek Sole Boots are bold on any look, draining the femininity from an outfit but looking great paired with a more girlish look too: long faux fur coat, a ruffled white blouse beneath it.

It’s a slouchy, carefree look that says this: “I don’t care what you think of me.”

Pair it with silver jewelry.

Chunky loafers are also having a moment; it’s impossible to go anywhere without seeing this stylish upgrade.

It’s likely that women grew tired of the ballet aesthetic and turned to this fabulous option instead. And so chunky loafers eased their way into summer fashion, daring and careless – and soon, they were everywhere.

Some call it ‘schoolcore’; others don’t have a name for it at all. Either way, there’s no denying that it’s one of the hottest trends out right now.

As for bags, there are dozens of styles to choose from.

The bucket bag is back in style again, as are XL totes and crochet bags (yes, there is definitely a pattern with crochet here!)

For summer don’t lug around a heavy backpack or an overweight black purse; choose something light and breezy, enough to carry around your beach materials but nothing more.

This is summer, the season of happiness and being carefree - don’t let your bag weigh you down!


In short, the clothes that qualify for the chic fasion style this season are effortless and carefree, bold enough to try new things but also traditionalist enough to refer back to classic looks.

It’s common to look out the window and see women (and girls!) wearing these gorgeous summer outfits.

Fashion is one of the easiest ways to express oneself, and many women do so boldly.

Don’t give up if one outfit looks no good; try another, and then another. It can take time to find the right look for you.

But remember that what you’re doing, you’re doing for yourself – and all will follow naturally.

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