5 Inventive Ways Businesses Use Branded Leather in Promotion and Corporate Gift Giving

Companies spend thousands, even millions of dollars, on advertising and the promotion of their products and brands.

Everything is about protecting the reputation of the brand, and putting the best foot forward.

Thus, one of the ways they ensure staff use the right tools when dealing with clients or customers is by having them carry items with the company logo emblazoned on their supplies and equipment.

In fact, they go as far as ordering branded leather for their employees' notepad portfolios, their laptop bags, pen holders, and key chains.

If the employees are using company issued items, not only does it reinforce the brand in the customers' eyes, but it also provides a standard by which all employees follow. There is continuity and consistency with the brand and company name.

But what are some of the other reasons businesses buy leather corporate gifts, and who do they buy them for?

Let's take a look at five ways businesses use branded leather in promoting their companies.


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1. Branded Backpacks


You might wonder why a company would go to the expense of purchasing branded leather backpacks?

Often, they are used on employee retreats or when team building sessions are off-site. The backpack is used on the daily jaunt to carry supplies needed for that day's activity.

The goal of the absence-from-the-office may have to do with creating confidence in the team as a whole, and in the individual persons on the team. Completing activities together allows everyone to bond, and become a more cohesive unit. Ideally, they are much stronger.

Almost always, the location is rural so that everyone can forget about the fast pace of the city.

The branded backpack is just another way of reminding everyone that they are part of the team and the bigger organization. It gives each member something to be proud of and know that everyone is in this together.

Another reason companies order corporate gifts backpacks is to give to employees as part of the rewards system. Maybe they have perfect attendance or reached a milestone within the organization.

Often, companies will have a list of items from which the employee can choose when they have met a specific achievement. It's like the gold watch of yesteryear.

The backpack will sport the company logo, as well as the employee's name or initials. It becomes a souvenir of a job well done.

Even customers might be lucky enough to own one of these gorgeous backpacks. The business may hold a regular draw or have some kind of incentive in which customers participate.

There's no doubt, whether you were an employee or a customer, that receiving a branded backpack would be a welcome gift indeed.



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2. Personalized Leather Computer Bags

For employees that might be on the road such as service people or sales agents, a laptop bag is a must. In this day and age, every call to a customer will involve using a laptop, whether to place orders, or to access the company database for various forms of information.

Needless to say, employees will be expected to use the custom leather laptop bags issued by their employer. And, actually, this is a really nice bonus because the employee wouldn't have to purchase their own bag at their own expense.

Of course, the custom leather laptop bag could easily be another item on the “wish-list” for excellent achievement. Think how wonderful it would be to receive something so valuable, yet practical.


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3. Corporate Branded Gifts


Plenty of businesses hold yearly company picnics or amusement park days where everyone's family is invited. Almost always, there are prizes for the winners of different games or being the best at something or the last.

Often, the company will also hand out items that have either the company name or logo on them. One fun item, that is really popular, is the blowup beach ball. Kids just love to play with them at the picnic, and then take them home with them for future use.

Golf tournaments are another way for companies to use branded leather. The employee with the best score might get a lovely sun glass holder. This kind of gift can typically be given to either female or male participants, so it is not necessary to know in advance who wins.

Plus, they can order a range of gifts in various price brackets depending on how many prizes they are awarding.

Indeed, some people ask why would someone want to use a branded leather item outside of work? But you would be surprised at how many employees are actually proud to use a product with their employer's logo on it. Especially if the item is both useful and nice to look at.

Remember that leather is elegant, and denotes durability and longevity. At the same time, many perceive it to be expensive, so of course, individuals love to show off the item they received.



The leather wristlet is ideal for a few reasons. To the recipient, it is handy and convient for carrying small items they need when they leave the house.

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4. Corporate Anniversary Gifts


Larger, well-established companies often have Social Clubs that take care of gift buying for specific events such as employee weddings, wedding anniversaries, length of service, first baby born, and other significant milestones in a person's life that the company and fellow employees choose to celebrate.

Often, the exact details are set out in a handbook stating particulars such as the year of the wedding anniversary. For example, they would never give a gift for the first year, but they may choose to acknowledge the twenty-fifth year.

The handbook would include a dollar amount to spend so everything is done equally.

Likewise, they might make it simpler by stating what the exact gift will be. This would probably be more feasible for length of service presents, so that employees don't feel like someone else received something better.

Regardless of how the company organizes the gift buying process, it probably will offer one or two gifts that are definitely customized with their logo.


Some suggestions for these types of gifts are:

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5. Corporate Valentines Day Gifts

Indeed, it might be difficult for a very large organization to give out gifts on Valentine's Day, but some smaller, family run companies may do just that.

Everyone loves chocolate and they might give each person a box from a local chocolatier.

A mug is always a fun idea, too. Add some cupcakes and everyone gets a nice treat at break time!


There is no doubt that branded leather is well-received and appreciated by the recipient.

No matter the reason for using it, whether it be work or personal, it is both practical and fashionable. No one will be embarrassed to carry a laptop bag with company logo, for example.

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