Fun-Filled and Fascinating Things To Do in The Five Best Cities in Mississippi

When you think of vacation, a beautiful relaxing getaway is usually what you would picture.

Most people don't immediately think to travel to Mississippi.

When Mississippi comes to mind, you most likely picture farmland, and nothing to be seen for miles, as this is how the state is often portrayed.

And, yes, while this portrayal may be accurate for a few parts of the state, Mississippi is extremely rich in history and has quite a few unique destinations to offer.

In this traveler's guide, we will explore five of the best cities in Mississippi to visit and enjoy.

What To Do In Natchez MS

Natchez is the oldest city in the state of Mississippi located in the Delta region on the edge of the Mississippi River.

As this city has been established for many years, as you could expect, it is full of history. Natchez has been preserved throughout the years to offer its visitors a sense of time traveling to the 1800s.

Get a real taste of traveling back in time by visiting Under the Hill Saloon, a 200-year-old bar! This bar contains original brick from when it was built, as well as old black and white photos of the townspeople.

Don’t forget to tilt back your head and look at the ceiling to see what makes this bar so unique. The bar holds a tradition in which customers can roll a quarter and a thumb tack into a dollar bill to chuck at the ceiling.

Then, every July the owners will take down all the bills to start anew and then throw a huge Fourth of July cookout for the city’s people.

For the supernatural lovers, there are plenty of spooky activities such as ghost tours, but a must-see is the Turning Angel Statue.

In 1908, there was a devastating explosion inside the Natchez Drug Company. Sadly, in the explosion, five female employees passed away.

The owner was devastated by the tragedy that took place in his shop. To pay his respects the best he could, he funded the burial of all five girls and built a monument of an angel in their honor. The monument is in Natchez City Cemetery.

Legend has it that the angel will turn to watch as drivers pass by, which is more noticeable at night of course.

For those intrigued by cemeteries, the grave of Florence Irene Ford is a must-see.

At her burial site, you will get to experience a heartwarming example of motherly love. When Florence passed in 1871, she was only ten years old. Her loving mother asked that a staircase be built down to her daughter’s casket so that during rainstorms she could continue to comfort her.

The metal doors are still open to this day to carry on her mother’s tradition. Visitors can go down the stairs and comfort Florence in their own ways. This unique experience is a heartstring tugger, but so fulfilling.

Things To Do In Biloxi MS For Couples

Biloxi, Mississippi is a coastal town, just an hour away from New Orleans, that is constantly on the rise. New fun businesses are popping up everywhere out of nowhere! This city is a perfect getaway for couples looking for a chill weekend or a chance to get out and party.

Snag tickets for the Betsy Ann Riverboat to take a ride on a historical paddlewheel boat. The cruise takes you on a 2-hour tour through the Biloxi ocean waters just behind the large casinos and small city life.

While on the tour you may even get the chance to see a group of dolphins swim alongside the boat! The team of the Betsy Ann offers three 2-hour tour options.

You can choose a historical and ecological tour starting at $20, a live-music sunset cruise starting at $30, or you may choose a hibachi dinner cruise starting at $55.

For an in-depth look into the history of Biloxi’s Marine Industry, visit the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum. While walking through this museum you will learn about the 300 years of the Gulf of Mexico culture.

The museum offers various exhibits from marine art to factory galleries. Admission for adults is $10 per person, and they offer military and student discounts.

Catch a Jazz show at Morgan Freeman’s, recently opened, Ground Zero Blues Club, Biloxi!

Located in Downtown Biloxi, just a few blocks from highway 90, find Ground Zero on Howard Ave.

You can either grab dinner here or just stop in for a few signature cocktails inspired by jazz themes. You may even get to catch Morgan Freeman himself hanging out!

Things To Do In Tunica MS

Tunica is another city located in the Delta. This city is said to be one of the largest gambling centers with nine 24-hour casinos. Casinos are the backbone of this town, as many of the residents rely on them for work.

While in the area visit the Tunica Museum. This museum was founded by its residents who possess a deep love for their city. The museum was paid for with casino-made earnings! Dive deep into some Delta history with exhibits including Native American history, military history, and European discovery.

Be sure not to miss the Blues Visitors Center and Museum on Blues Highway 61!

The Delta is the birthplace of Blues. Here you can learn a fascinating history of how iconic African Americans created a new form of musical art.

There is also an awesome exhibit that showcases the evolution of the guitar.

Hiking Trails in Ackerman Mississippi

Ackerman is a small town in the Northern middle regions of Mississippi. This small town offers various beautiful hiking trails for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. Be sure to bring bug repellent as the mosquitos in muggy Mississippi will eat you alive.

Choctaw Lake Recreation Area Trail is an easy 2.5-mile hike. This trail takes you over the park’s bridge into a lush, forested trail along the Choctaw Lake.

This trail is dog-friendly as well as family-friendly, so everyone is welcome!

Once you finish your hike you can take a breather in the recreation area and take a dip in the lake.

Little Mountain Trail is roughly a 2-mile hike. This trail is family-friendly as well as furry friend friendly!

Little Mountain is not a very populated trail, so you may even get lucky and have the whole thing to yourself. Also, it is known for birdwatching due to the various active species that call it home.

Lastly, be sure to stop and smell the gorgeous wildflowers.

What To Do In Coldwater Mississippi

Coldwater is a small town located just on the Mississippi and Tennessee border.

This town is only half an hour from Memphis. While there is not a whole lot to do in this town, it is a nice nature getaway.

The town is most known for its Coldwater River Nature Conservancy. Here, you can check out the Swinging Bridge Trail. It is a .7-mile flat hike that takes you through the gorgeous foliage and forest scenery.

This trail is family-friendly as well as dog-friendly but tread carefully as this trail is thick with ticks.


We can honestly say that exploring the five best cities in Mississipi should be on your bucket list of travel destinations.

Mississippi is the perfect destination for individuals, families, or couples who are infatuated with history due to its many museums.

Take a step back in time in many historical towns across the State.

From Blues to Jazz, to old-time bars, to casinos, to hiking, Mississippi has really got it all!

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