Summary of 5 Backpack Styles and How To Use Them Effectively

Backpacks serve multiple purposes and appeal to a wide range of individuals. The student’s best friend, a hiker's companion, the backpacker's loyal travel buddy, and the person making a daily commute.

Professionals have also jumped on board the trend, and even parents have a specialty backpack to hold all the baby's gear.

Their popularity has grown exponentially, and with all the new designs and uses, the trend is not slowing down any time soon.

That's the beauty of backpacks. They keep evolving as individuals invent new uses, and manufacturers react to the demand.

We know there are many kinds of backpacks out there. We have seen descriptions for over thirty different types for various purposes. That's an amazing number!

But what we really want to discuss is five main backpack styles that we feel are quite popular. Let's look at the differences in their designs, and what purposes they are best suited for.

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1. Roll Top Backpack ~ Made for Flexibility

The roll top is really quite ingenius as it can be different sizes all in one. The top portion of the sack is literally a roll down design so that the more you put in the backpack, the taller the pack will be, and the less you store in it, the shorter it will be because you roll the top part down to the items in the bag.

Then to finish everything off, there is generally a strap with a buckle closure to hold everything tight, and safe from falling out.

In short, it's simply designed to offer flexibility such that you can easily switch from compact to sizeable, but still stow your belongings securely.

Many models have interior pockets to keep your items organized while at the same time protecting them from being lost in the bag. For added storage, some also have exterior pockets so that you can keep things that you need to grab quickly like your ID card or key fob to enter work, school, or home.

Further, the rear of the bag has two straps that are adjustable to fit your own back, while there is a third grab strap which is handy when you want to carry the bag in your hand.

As expected, a handsome leather roll top backpack serves multi purposes. Your laptop stores well in the larger compartment, while smaller items like phones, wallets, keys, and sunglasses will fit into the pockets.

The biggest benefit we find to this design is how you can easily create more space or reduce the size. It's great for travel, work, school, and other occasions. People mostly go for it because it's spacious, durable, comfortable, and designed to reduce strain on the back.

2. Rucksack Backpack ~ Rugged Durability

A beautifully crafted backpack, it has a simple design and features two shoulder straps. In addition to its minimalist exterior appearance, it boasts a soft flap that covers the main compartment, which also serves as an entrance.

The flap and outside pockets usually have straps with buckles to keep everything nicely fastened. And some designs sport a drawstring styling at the top of the bag under the flap.

This kind of sturdy sack is built around one main compartment, but also has smaller exterior pockets in front and sometimes, on the side. It's spacious, durable, lightweight, but can be quite rugged when used on daily basis.

Previously, the rucksack was more messy in appearance, but it has certainly morphed into a sharp looking bag even if it is used for day jaunts to the park, and site seeing while on vacation.

Of course, owning a leather rucksack is the cream of the crop, and you can expect to own for many long years regardless of the treatment and how often it is used.

3. Laptop Backpack ~ Double Duty

This bag is an excellent idea and completely versatile. A dedicated laptop compartment and padded pockets to house other devices like ipads and sell phones are a few of its features. It has padded adjustable straps and the zipper is generally waterproof.

The laptop backpack has a simple and stylish design, and it’s equipped with function in mind. It has built-in laptop sleeves and interior pockets to better organize essentials. The interior pockets are large enough to fit any laptop size and have adequate padding for cushioning the effects of falls and other surface scratches.

One of the other features is the top carry handle and a zipper that goes both ways. It is also larger than other backpacks, but at the same time, can double as your carry on when traveling. When you need to pack lightly and efficiently, this design is perfect.

4. Tote Bag Backpack ~ Stylish and Functional

This backpack is well crafted in a stylish way that doesn't sacrifice function, featuring a standard laptop compartment, inner slash pockets, pen pockets, side pockets, and inner zipper pockets. It's roomy and has a wide opening at the top that allows for easy access.

Designed minimally, it has an adjustable strap and a sturdy bottom that keeps it firm and stable on any surface. As an ultra-sleek and versatile bag, it can serve as a crossbody, backpack, or tote. It also has enough room for your necessities and can perfectly replace an everyday purse.

The best part of the tote bag backpack is how it can transform into a different style, such that it's no longer recognizable.

What's not to love? It's attractive and perfect for school, work, commuting, shopping, and a chic accessory.

Whether hand or shoulder carried, it can easily fit a makeup purse, sunglasses, keys, phones, and even books, and you can go wherever you like with it, dressied up or casual.

5. Convertible Backpack ~ Elegant, Refined, Practical

This highly functional and stylish bag is one of the niftiest bags out there. It's versatile, lightweight, and looks really good with many styles and outfits.

Interestingly, it's cleverly designed and built in such a way that it is a three-in-one convertible piece that you can easily switch up depending on your mood or required use.

You might ask how it can go from one to the other. Most models that you find that are created by designers will consist of three looks - a fancy backpack, a lovely tote bag, and an elegant, but largish handbag.

They often come in various colors to match any ensemble, and have zipper closures for the top opening and pockets. Some are large enough for a laptop, while others can be on the smaller side if that is what you prefer.

There's no doubt that this style backpack is both chic and comfortable. The design really fills a niche market, but as we said earlier, that is the beauty of the evolution of backpacks.

Concluding Thoughts On Learning About Backpack Styles

Indeed, backpack styles just keep getting better everyday. From the sharpest designs to practical uses, the array of selection ticks all the boxes that a buyer could imagine.

But having said that, someone will come up with another use or another more convenient style, and then there are that many more to choose from, which is a good thing.

It's hard to believe that there was a time when a backpack was solely for hikers and school children. It seemed rather silly for an adult to carry a backpack in any other situtation than leisurely walking.

Luckily, designers willing to take the risk on an already great idea to make it something that appeals to the masses. There is no reason for everyone to wear a backpack for one purpose or another. Just the one that suits your life!

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