Searching For Sugar Man

Mon, Sep 17, 12

This story is incredible. Imagine being a famous musician...but you were the last to know it. In Detroit in the 1960's a singer/songwriter named Rodriguez recorded an album called Cold Fact. It went nowhere. He gave up on his dreams of stardom and went quietly into construction work for the next 30 years. This should be the end of the story. It's not.

Meanwhile in South Africa a legend has circulated for years about this very musician whose bootleg album (unbeknownst to Rodriguez) somehow made its way there 30 years prior. It not only surfaced, but became the soundtrack of the anti-apartheid movement. In South Africa, he was bigger than Elvis.....and he had no idea.

Searching For Sugar Man documents the hunt for Rodriguez (who was long rumored dead). A truly amazing story. Now there is hope that my Live from Hobbit Hoagies tapes are floating around somewhere as the soundtrack for a distant emerging nation :)