Canvas Rucksack

Fri, Jul 12, 13

I like canvas. Second to leather, but a beautiful material that is durable and can age with time. Actually, the two really work nicely together. Not to mention that depending on the quality, canvas can be extremely durable while shedding some of the weight that a full leather piece does.

We've been messing around with the idea of a backpack or rucksack for some time. This seemed like the perfect time to introduce some canvas. The bag is inspired by some of the vintage Swiss Rucksacks I've seen out there. There's great old stuff you can find at Army/Navy stores that utilize canvas with leather appointments to great effect. We did this one in a navy blue and utlized the same vegetable tanned leather we use on the straps for the Vintage Messenger Bag. The hand set copper rivets really add a nice bit of pop to it. 

Overall, I'm really pleased with this first go-round. Can't wait to introduce it in some other great colors as well. Any you'd like to see?

PS: Pardon the heinous iphone photo