The Bifold Picker's Wallet

Mon, Apr 02, 12


If you think about it, you’ll probably spend more time with your wallet than any other article you own. It’s a big decision. While some prefer a slim carry others need a bit more space. If the original Picker’s wallet was a little too streamlined for your liking then the Bifold Picker should be right up your alley.

The wallet comes complete with 4 slots for cards, compartment for cash, and of course....the pocket for the pick.

The full grain leather used on the bifold is one of my favorites. It has a well worn look to it that will continue to age over time. It’s also lined in pigskin to ensure toughness over years of abuse.  You’ll really get an understanding of the quality construction once you hold it in your hands.

Now if you aren’t a guitar player and just like the wallet, I’ve also made a version with no pocket for the pick