70's artists and their folks...

Tue, Feb 21, 12

The other day I ran across these photos from Time Life Magazine. Really great shots of 70's artists with their parents. It isn't often you see stars in this context.  I was especially intrigued by the body language between them. Most notably the laughing between Elton and his folks and Donovan clasping his mother's hand. All really great. Also got a kick out of the interiors of their old places. Frank Zappa's home is about exactly as I'd picture it. 

It all reminded me of how encouraging my own mother was to my musical development when I was young. Something I've always been grateful for.  


Frank Zappa with Francis and Rosemarie


David Crosby with father Floyd

Elton John with Sheila and Fred

A pregnant Grace Slick with mother Virginia

Donovan with Donald and Winifred. Dog unnamed.