Book Review: Scott Weiland-Not Dead & Not for Sale

Thu, Aug 25, 11


Heroin, women, band mate clashes, more heroin. Not Dead & Not For Sale pretty much toes the line of most rock biographies. I like Scott Weiland. As far as contemporary rock stars go I think he has more style and presence than most. It doesn’t hurt that the Core and Purple albums were mainstays of my youth. I wanted to know the dirt. I came away a little disappointed. 

Though the book comes in at 238 pages, it probably took me only a couple of hours to read. It’s not that Scott avoids his troubling past, it’s that his portrayal of the events are so superficial. At one point he tells of being raped in high school with single sentence? Huh? You….were…what?  Give me a little more Scott.

All in all it’s not a terrible read and will make for an easy afternoon diversion. Just don’t expect to understand what makes Scott tick in that afternoon. Perhaps it will add to the mystique. 

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