Lollapalooza 2011

Tue, Aug 16, 11


Lollapalooza has become a bit of a tradition for some friends and I. This year we were blessed with some back stage passes (Thanks Christy! Hot Pockets on me next time). Backstage has a different vibe than your traditional festival atmosphere. First off, no real artists hang out there.  This is how I pictured it going down (sub Dave Grohl for Alice Cooper).....

No such luck.

What was very cool (aside from the free booze) was the ability to catch a show from the stage. The chance to watch the artists sound check, interact with band mates and crowd (and get up close views of guitar tech's facial tattoos) is great. Don't get me wrong, my hands didn't soak in ivory liquid the whole weekend. I spent plenty of time down in the mud with the other peons where I belonged, but if forced, I could get used to backstage.

Here's a picture of Ryan Bingham (Crazy Heart soundtrack fame) playing a cool guitar I can't identify...


Free sampler from Lollapalooza 2011 courtesy of SPIN here.