The Big House

Tue, Feb 15, 11

A couple of weeks back I ventured down to Macon to visit my Grandmother.   Seeing how the new Allman Brothers Band museum is just down the street, I figured I'd drop by.  This is my Star Wars convention.  The 3-story Tudor house on Vineville Avenue was where many of the members of the band lived from 70'-73'.  A pivotal time in the evolution of the Southern sound.  The place is by no stretch of the imagination huge, but I was mesmerized nonetheless.  Here are a few of the highlights....

Duane's Goldtop Les Paul

If you're familiar with the song Blue Sky, you'll recall the line, "good old Sunday morning bells are ringing everywhere".  The song was written by Betts in the Big House and through the front window you can see the very church he was referring to.

Finally, a smorgasbord of Allman Bros. and Gregg Allman solo memorabilia.  

Oh, in case you were wondering, Grandmother is doing well and is feeling optimistic about the upcoming Braves season.


The Allman Brothers Band Museum