When Slash was Saul....

Mon, Aug 09, 10


I love this.  Whenever I think about the guitar greats, their humanity is lost on me.  It is as if parthenogenesis is the only explanation of their other-worldly talents and personas.  This is what makes this letter so great.  We get a glimpse into the world of Slash when he was just Saul.  An awkward, love struck, 14-year old who talks about his guitar too much.....I think many of us can identify.  Transcript to follow.




Oct. 2. 79

Dear Michele,

Your letter scared me, upon first glance, I hadn't any idea what it was about, but when you told me, it struck in a strange way, I hadn't any idea that I talked about my guitar so often, I'm going to have to change that, no matter who I talk to.

It's a drag that it screwed up our relationship, you should have told me sooner, but I don't think that's the only reason, you just don't like me that much, and I can see why, because I'm a hard person to get along with at times.

But any I'm glad we got that straight, thank you for not lying to me. To get off the subject, you look really nice today, you get prettier & prettier every day. My weekend was pretty good. Steve came by and we went to a couple parties, and we went to the Starwood, I spent pretty much of my weekend on cloud 9 if you know what I mean.

I had never been in the Starwood before, like, we hung around outside, but I've never been inside. It's not such a hot place, I mean the Bands are alright, the girls are pretty (I still think you cuter than any of the girls there) the drugs are cool but it's not a place I would want to waste my life at. The most exciting part of the night was, a guy mouthed off to this black guy, and the black got a hundred friends and chased him around all Hollywood. It's a pretty crazy place. I'm going there next week to see Quiet Riot, because I hear there pretty good. One of these days I'll play there.

Love you





This leaf was perfect untill I put the fucking lines in it