Brick and Mortar

Mon, Nov 03, 14

I started WP a few years ago out of my apartment on North Highland Avenue in Atlanta, GA. We've come a long way! In no small part to your support. Thank you for that. 

We're moving into our first facility where folks will be able to drop by and check out our wares. We probably won't be open until 2015, but I wanted to give you the inside track on the project. This is the fun stuff. We're in an old factory space that was built in 1929 (bad year for real estate) in the Inman Park neighborhood of Atlanta. About a mile down the road from my apartment where we got started.

The place needs a good bit of work, but it has some good bones. It beats the laundry room I started in anyhow. Looking forward to showing you the "after" when its built out. I think you'll dig it! Maybe you can even stop by some time and have a beer and a chat.

Here's a shot of the interior....