Homer vs. The Picker's Wallet

Fri, Jun 06, 14

Greg in South Africa writes...


Hi Ryan,

We just wanted to share a funny story with you from down here in South Africa...
My girlfriend, Tree, bought me a Georgia Brown Picker’s Wallet in 2011 as a little moving-in-together-gift. It was one of the best gifts I have ever received. After a few years, we got engaged, moved into a bigger place and bought a dog, an amazing Boxer who we named Homer. After the Simpson, not the philosopher…
Anyway, Homer took a liking to my Picker’s Wallet and one day he buried it in our garden. After three days of desperately digging, not having any credit cards or cash, I took Homer’s head in my hands, looked him deep in the eyes and said “Homer! Bring back my wallet!” I went inside and sure enough, 5 minutes later he bounded in and dropped the wallet on my lap. It was a bit worse for wear, see the picture attached.
After a few months without my Picker’s Wallet I’ve felt a bit incomplete, my cards and cash floating loosely unloved in my gritty pockets... So I’ve just bought a new one and I’m so amped for it to arrive.
Thanks for producing such an awesome product, loved by people and dog’s alike!
Greg and Tree
Johannesburg, South Africa